The Things I Am Most Grateful For
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The Things I Am Most Grateful For

My family and education have made me into the person I am today.

The Things I Am Most Grateful For
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We all have those important moments, people, things, and memories that we've experienced throughout our lives. Due to the holiday season, I want to share some things I'm most grateful for in my life. These things include my family, friends, education, and experiences.

With the last few years filled with school and work, I've found that I have begun to lose my passion for several things I once enjoyed doing. Such as hobbies that would help me relax and refocus on what I needed to do. As I got older, I was able to connect more with my family. We would just spend time together watching movies all day without a care in the world. Or we would go out and hike, bike, shop, and more. These people are the closest to me and they know everything about me as a person.

I am very thankful for my family no matter what we go through because they are always supporting me in everything I wish to do in my life. Whether in education or mental health, my family has been the rock for me in life. My parents are always telling me how to improve and giving me advice on what the best thing to do in a situation would be. They believe me when others don't, as well as, allow me to explore new opportunities without fear. Every day they show me how much I am loved and how proud they are of all my accomplishments.

My dad is my role model in life because he has always reached for his goals and taught me to work hard for everything in life. Never to take it all for granted. My mom is someone who is a parent to me but has also become one of my closest friends. I can talk to her about anything with the knowledge that she will be honest with me about her thoughts.

My sister is seriously my best friend. We have grown very close over the years. Her personality is insightful with a special focus on artistry. There are so many talents my sister has that inspire me to try new things such as drawing and painting. I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished.

Another thing I'm extremely grateful for is the education I've had the opportunity to receive. My parents made this possible by giving me a head start in school, but gave me the ability to learn and work hard. Since I was little, I've always loved learning new things and really getting to know the world around me. Overtime, my favorite subjects became science and writing. The driving research of science such as chemistry and engineering really led me to where I am today with my education. I am working towards my dream of becoming an engineer.

Writing allows me to escape from reality for a little bit and calm down after a hard day. One of my favorite things to write during these moments is fiction novels. The idea of creating new characters with a whole world you get to decide on is one of the best things about writing. One goal I have with my writing is to publish a novel one day and become an author.

I'm very grateful to my education because without it I would have learned about my favorite things nor decided what I wanted to do in love. I'm also grateful for it because I'm lucky to receive an education. These are just two of the things in my life I'm so grateful for.

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