What I Owe To Friday Night Lights
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What I Owe To Friday Night Lights

What I Owe To Friday Night Lights

If there is anything in this life I love it is my high school days, and Netflix binges. The summer after 8th grade I decided it was time to start watching Friday Night Lights. It didn't take me very long to fall in love with the show and all the inspiration it gave me. My high school Friday nights revolved around football. Now, the show and real high school football will be a part of my life forever.

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What I owe to the TV Show Friday Night Lights:

1. An even deeper love for high school football.

I never thought I could love high school football more than I already did, and then I watched FNL. The way the people of Dillon supported the Panthers, it reminded me so much of my own school. I love how people's lives revolved around it.

2. An affinity for Texas

If there is anywhere in America I want to live, it's Texas. I have fallen in love with Texas. Yes I know that Texas isn't exactly like the show, but I do know it is very similar. I love the idea of small town Texas. People always tell me I am insane for wanting to live in a small town, but I think the exact opposite.

3. Tim Riggins

Most girls (and probably some guys tbh) will agree with me on this. Riggs is an absolute dreamboat. He may have had interesting upbringing and a slight alcohol problem, but it's hard not to love him. He had many great quotes, including "Texas Forever" and "The Scarlet Letter is about a gal named Scarlet, obviously." 33 could kick some serious tail and football, and pageant dress shop with the best of them. If you need more reasons, I'll just leave these here...



4. Marriage Goals: Coach & Mrs. Coach

If there has ever been a model of the man I want to marry, it's Coach Eric Taylor. He cares about his own family, and his football family as if they were the same. He would do anything for anyone and that's the kind of person I want to marry. I also wouldn't mind marrying someone who looked like Kyle Chandler and coached high school football. The other half of this dynamic duo, Tami Taylor, is what once made me want to be a guidance counselor. Tami Taylor is like her husband in the selflessness aspect. She would do anything for her students just like she would her family. Tami Taylor also has awesome hair.

5. Dreams

As cheesy as it sounds, Friday Night Lights makes me want to go out and do a lot of things. It makes me want to keep high school football a constant in my life. One of the things on my "life to-do" list is coach high school cheerleading. And I'm telling you I really wouldn't mind marrying someone who wants to coach high school football. I wouldn't mind having a family like the Taylors. FNL makes me want to go find a Tim Riggins to have around for a while because who hasn't dreamed of hooking up with Riggs? I have dreams as big as the Texas sky, and I plan to accomplish a lot of them, maybe while living in Texas.

What I owe to the "real" Friday Night Lights:

As a 4- year varsity cheerleader in high school, Friday night football dominated much of my life. I owe a lot to it really. Without high school football, who knows what my high school Friday nights would've been like. On a typical Friday night, almost every student from my high school, their parents, and alumni would be at the game. It was almost like we lived in Dillon, Texas. After the game, everyone would gather at our favorite restaurant and sit and talk like we hadn't seen each other in ages, when really we had been together all day. After dinner anything to a bonfire to a house party went on and all your friends were around celebrating anything we could think of. Without these memories, my high school experience would've been completely different and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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