5 Eyeshadows That Are Actually Worth Your Money
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5 Eyeshadows That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Eyeshadows are not all the same, and it can be overwhelming to know which are actually good.

5 Eyeshadows That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Eye shadow palettes are one of the most convenient products out there. It combines multiple shades that compliment each other into one compact -- whether it be a duo to 35 pans, there is a size for every need. It makes it easier to transport and be protected. Every brand has at least one, if not multiple, palettes. There are so many palettes to choose from, it's hard to know where to even begin. And not all shadows are created equally. Some may swatch poorly in the store on your arm, while others may swatch beautifully but be complete garbage on the eye, and there can be a combination of both in one palette. But which ones are actually worth your money and preform well? Below you'll find five of the best eyeshadow palettes around!

1. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette ($42)

This cult favorite palette has 14 shades that are .02 oz each -- 12 mattes and 2 shimmers. It is an all-warm toned palette ranging from a burnt orange to a deep brick red which shades all in between. This ultra pigmented palette that blends seamlessly. It is long lasting and the colors stay vivid all day. However, there is some kick back in the pans and some fallout to be wary of. This happens because of how the pigments are pressed for the high possible pay of -- not because of poor quality.

2. TARTE Tartelette 2 In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette ($46)

This sister palette to the original highly raved, all matte Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($46) is a warm toned version with shimmers included. There are 12 shades that are 0.053 oz each; there are nine mattes and three shimmers. This neutral-to-warm toned palette is finely milled so the shadows are smooth and soft, making blending effortless with out getting muddy. It contains colors for a natural look or can be amped up for drama. The shadows are long lasting and don't crease. There is little kick back and almost no fallout. It is the perfect everyday palette.

3. LORAC PRO Palette ($44)

Lorac is known for their phenomenal eyeshadows throughout their entire line. This palette was the first of its kind. With 16 shadows that are .02 oz each. There are eight mattes and eight shimmers that all can be used wet or dry for the desired intensity. These shadows are the definition of blendable -- they are pretty much fool proof. They are perfectly pigmented and blend with out getting muddy or blending away. This palette is perfect for creating a smokey eye. It has many cool to neutral tones with mid toned taupes and mauves to deep purple, grey and black. This is perfect for dramatic looks and does most of the work itself.

4. Violet Voss Ride Or Die Eye Shadow Palette ($75)

The name speaks for its self. With 42 unique shades that weigh .063 oz each, you definitely get the bang for your buck (less than $1.80 per an above average sized pan). There is a range from super cool toned blue-greys to deep, rich reds. There is a mix of mattes, metals and satins. There is colors for every possible look. These shadows are extremely cream and highly pigmented. They are easy to blend and almost never patchy. If you want to expand your color selection, this palette is the way to go.

5. Smashbox Cover Shot: Eye Palettes ($29)

These mini palettes are perfect for travel because you can do multiple looks from one palette. There are seven versions: Ablaze (warm tones with reds and oranges), Golden Hour (warm tones with purples and mauves), Metallic (golden tones and pastels with a shimmer finish), Softlight (cool-toned pinks and soft browns), Smokey (cool-toned deep browns and taupes with a vivid violet and emerald), Matte (warm nudes and cool mattes) and Bold (vivid colors of the rainbow with a lightener and darkener). There are eight shades in each palette with a range of finished. There are 2 base colors that are .042 oz and the other 6 are .021 oz. Every palette shares the same high quality with blendable, pigmented and soft shades.

There countless palettes that are amazing quality. Just read reviews before splurging on one. With practice you can make anything work!

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