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What Dessert Are You Based on Your Engineering Major?

Read through to find out what kind of dessert the engineer in your life would be, as told by a Materials Science & Engineering student!

What Dessert Are You Based on Your Engineering Major?

Mmm, dessert... the only thing keeping my final shreds of sanity together while I blankly stare at my differential equations homework. Just kidding, but real talk-- who doesn't love dessert? Scroll through to see what dessert you are, based on your engineering major!

1. Aerospace

You work with rockets and airplanes and other amazing machinery! Perhaps you dream of working for Boeing, NASA, or Lockheed Martin. You are the Rocket Popsicle! Revered dessert of many 4th of July picnics, it puts images in the heads of proud Americans like the first Moon landing, made possible by Aerospace Engineers, like you!

2. Mechanical 

You are a crazy person which makes me want to call you: Gateau St. Honoré, which is arguably the hardest dessert on Earth to make. Just like in your curriculum, there is a lot going on in this French pastry, which includes the following constituents: Chiboust cream, caramel glazed cream puffs with pastry cream filling, Choux pastry, and Puff pastry. All of those components by themselves are tricky to master, and surely if I had to bake them all at once to assemble the Mount Kilimanjaro of Cakes that is the St. Honoré, I would lose my mind. Just like if I had to take Fluid Dynamics and an entire semester-long course on JUST Laplace Transforms. Mad respect to Mech-E.

3. Civil/Environmental

You got: Cup of Dirt! A classic summer treat featuring chocolate pudding, crushed up Oreos, and gummy worms, you're all about getting messy and in touch with nature. Admirable are your works with concrete, bridges, soil, and other such essential infrastructure! Without Cup of Dirt, my small world falls apart, much like without Civil/Environmental Engineers, the actual world falls apart!

4. Biomedical

If innovating prosthetic limbs and using additive manufacturing to create entire external ears from mere stem cells is what you do, then you are the Donut! Adored by everyone, the beauty of the donut is that it can range from simple to profoundly complex, but no matter what it is always well-received by humanity, just like your miraculous works in medicine! Regardless of the complexity in your endeavors, there is a high degree of caliber required to do what you do!

5. Materials Science

If you study metallurgy, polymers, ceramics, or glass, you got: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich! Much like the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, you are obscure and nowhere, yet arbitrary and ubiquitous. Intricate and involved like the finicky macaron, you understand the microstructure of certain materials better than you understand your own feelings at times. You have the Aluminum-Copper Phase Diagram tattooed on your left thigh. The Arrhenius Equation is emblazoned in your mind forever. You are difficult to explain to your elder relatives, and even sometimes other engineers, much like a macaron, though a little piece of you is among all of them in one way or another, much like ice cream.

6. Industrial 

If optimizing processes to make more money is what you do, then you're Baklava. A delicious, albeit sticky, treat from the Mediterranean, baklava features numerous beautifully crunchy layers of phyllo dough that have been spritzed with rose water, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with pistachios. There are many steps to a process, and there are many layers to baklava. Just like how you go layer by layer to make sure a process is optimal, baklava goes layer by layer to make sure its deliciousness is optimal.

7. Packaging

If you spend your days toiling over how to make the next best cardboard box, you're Green Tea Ice Cream! You're considered kind of weird and in some circles unheard of, but you definitely have a niche! You're everywhere in one way or another, even if people don't know it. No matter where we go, your works lurk everywhere.

8. Chemical

If you're a baller at organic chemistry (read: suffered through like everyone else to get a C+), you're Lemon Meringue Pie! Known to be host to many interesting chemical reactions, lemon meringue pie can be tangy but also sweet, much like chemical engineering. Just like how people have written entire research articles on meringue alone, there are entire companies dedicated just to chemical engineering, probably because there is so much to be done with it!

10. Electrical/Computer

If Computers and Electricity are what you do, then you're whatever crazy, freak, Frankenstein's Monster nonsense is on-trend in the dessert world! Your field is CONSTANTLY developing new technology, so much so that ya girl can't keep up! Good for you and your massive brain that you can adapt so fast, and also understand Electricity & Magnetism, which was the class that made me hate physics again.

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