What Are Some Great Jobs You Can Pursue as A Designer?
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What Are Some Great Jobs You Can Pursue as A Designer?

Take a Look Into These Great Design Careers

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The design industry is where worlds collide: art meets technology to create incredible innovations and practical goods that make our daily lives possible. From the cars we drive to the clothes we wear, we rely on designers to make the things we use as useful (and sometimes as beautiful!) as possible.

Getting into a career in design gives you the opportunity to leverage your creativity to impact the lives of people all over the world. Although we don't often notice the labor of designers in our everyday lives unless there's something "off" about the way something is designed, we rely on them constantly. If you're a big thinker who can also pay attention to the details, becoming a designer could be the perfect choice for you.

Not sure which career path is right for you? Here are some great jobs to consider in the field of design.

Multimedia Artist or Animator

There are so many job options for multimedia artists and animators. These professionals work in a variety of fields, including film, TV, advertising, video games, and PR. Some of their responsibilities include creating 2-D and 3-D characters and creating special effects.

Modern technology has created new opportunities for artists to share their work with the world. Now that video has become an increasingly popular medium, multimedia artists are needed to help companies market their products and to bring stories to life for film and television producers.

This is a great career path for people who love visual storytelling and are prepared to learn complex software programs to bring their ideas to life. A multimedia artist or animator can expect to make a median salary of around $63,800 per year. And good news—the need for animators is growing steadily.

Web Designer and Developer

Websites use a number of different communication tools, including text, color, and design to assist visitors or to convince them to buy a product or service. While we might not give much conscious thought to the way things are laid out, most people are extremely affected by advertising techniques like color psychology. Layout, colors, and design features can all spark an emotional response and increase sales or prompt some other kind of action.

Website designers need to understand the basics of psychology in order to design and build effective websites. You have to be able to essentially get into the website visitor's head and figure out what would make them take the next step. Generally, it's easier to find work if you can create an effective design and build it, but some website designers don't do much of their own coding.

Because every modern business needs a high-quality website, the demand for designers will likely continue to grow. You can expect to make around $69,000 a year on average as a website designer.

UX or UI Designer

Ever use an app that was clunky and frustrating and confusing? That's a sure sign that the developer didn't invest in the skills of an experienced UX (user experience) or UI (user interface) designers. These professionals help to ensure a seamless user experience and prevent users from getting frustrated and giving up.

UX design is most often used for websites and apps and involves every aspect of the user's experience. Companies that hire UX designers usually see increased ROI (return on investment) by boosting customer satisfaction and reducing the number of questions or complaints received.

This can be a great career path for people who are detail-oriented and able to approach things with a beginner's mind. It also pays well, with a median salary of $93,500 per year.

Product Designer

The ideal product is easy and fun to use while still being beautiful to look at. It's a tall order, but that's how product designers spend their days at work—creating the items we use every day. This career path requires not only the ability to innovate but the practicality to design products that really work.

Being a product designer is a great option for a "perfectionist" with the patience to go through many prototypes. This role pays an average of $89,000 annually.

Video Game Designer

Lots of kids dream of becoming video game designers. While it's a growing field that can be a lot of fun to work in, this is a challenging career path requiring tech, art, and storytelling skills. It's also a competitive industry that can be difficult to break into.

For the right people, video game design can be the best job in the world. It pays around $86,500 and is perfect for creatives interested in working on multiple projects throughout their careers.

As you're considering your career options, it's important to think beyond education requirements and salary. Choosing a fulfilling career that suits your lifestyle is so important so take your time and do some research before you decide!

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