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I Went Into My Favorite Bar Alone And Walked Out With Newly Made Friends And Self Confidence

Pure bliss.

I Went Into My Favorite Bar Alone And Walked Out With Newly Made Friends And Self Confidence
Mary Ellen Hunter

When I received the alert that ECU classes were canceled until further notice, I wasted no time and immediately ventured home back to Raleigh, NC. While bored and preparing for the hurricane, I brainstormed ways to occupy my time before the devastation hit. Although my parents were at first skeptical about their only child going out alone, I reassured them otherwise because I knew exactly where I was going to spend my Tuesday night downtown.

'The Black Flower,' open 7 days a week and located on W Peace St, is definitely not your typical dive bar. While many bars are known for a crowd on the weekends, this place celebrates its main foot traffic on Tuesday nights. My cousin's friends have coined it "weird night" and that is without-a-doubt exactly what it is, in the best way possible.

Filled with characters of all different backgrounds, ages, races, genders, ethnicities, styles, and more… everyone is encouraged to be exactly whoever they want to be, regardless of what it may be that night.

I walked up, alone, in a cut-up Rolling Stones t-shirt and strolled under beautiful clouds of fruity-smelling vape smoke, while weaving through cool people whom all wanted me to be there. Their eyes lit up with excitement when they saw a new face walking in and everyone greeted me with a smile and/or wave. I made my way past the outside porch to enter the nightclub where the dance floor, DJ, and bar are located. I am convinced that the phrase "dance like no one is watching" was first said here.

Everyone just does their own thing and the people watching is absolutely phenomenal, to say the least. While the talented EDM DJ sweats to please the crowd, the soaring strobe lights full of color race throughout the room, lighting up the funky art and diverse crowd. Some are in ties and just getting off of work, while others are in fishnets and tutus. Some like to go there to breathe fire and hula-hoop, others enjoy chill conversations on the porch.

This judgment-free zone is for the freaks, geeks, stoners, preps, athletes, LGBTQ, and everything in between. Everyone there has the common connection of simply: loving life and being open to new things, conversations, and drinks.

I met so many fun people and absolutely danced my heart out, occasionally going outside when in need of a break from the noise. Best of both worlds!

The environment is just as diverse as the ones who go there (there is a spot for everyone) and I can truthfully say that I did not witness a single person in the room not having a grand time. The drink specials are spectacular and the owner-operator, Jamie Saad, was delighted to take the time to give me some helpful and personal insight for this article.

He mentioned, "regardless of what the mainstream masses are into, and regardless of how much money you can make by doing the same thing everybody else is doing- I would much rather be a humble barman with a medium sized life than do anything that wasn't original." Spoken like a true genius. His love and passion for what he does certainly pay off by providing such a unique and positive vibe that goes beyond just the bar itself.

I went to the bar alone and ended up with a crowd of newly-made friends from all walks of life, good advice, more confidence, and a night I'll never forget.

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