For the most part, we all know that we each have our own government agents spying on us through our laptop or phone cameras, right? Well, they may not be the only ones who're watching because believe it not, but hacking into a webcam is one google search away.

If you've seen the 2016 movie, Snowden, then you know that the privacy exploitation practice of the NSA through illegal means, such as webcam hacking, were all real-life events that previous CIA Agent, Edward Snowden, exposed through a series of uploaded documents during his time there. As a result, Snowden was exiled from the country and now currently resides in Russia.

Point being, that our own government spies on us, even in our most intimate settings -- at home. But get this: anyone can hack into a webcam too, not just someone with a high-security entrance. Now I know that tech-fluent people likely already knew this, but after watching a recent BuzzFeed video demonstrating how easy it was for one employee to hack into his co-workers' webcams at work, I became stunned at the easy accessibility of this.

We already have hackers out there and government spies causing us to cover our webcams in paranoia, but let me inform you that your own co-worker may be watching you, comically pointed out in the BuzzFeed video. So next time you're thinking about who may be watching you through your webcam, google search how easy it is to hack into one first because the government may have moved on to bigger and better things now than spying through our webcams.