Sometimes we hear the term judgmental and either accept that it can be used to describe us or we deny it. I personally always say "I'm not a judgmental person." The truth is though, we all are. I do judge people upon our first interactions. Immediately, I notice things like their hair, smile, eyes, quirks, and personality. I take those things into consideration and attempt to judge who the person I'm communicating with accordingly.

So why do we tell people to stop being judgmental, as judging is in our nature? That would be because it's not the judgments that are the issues, it is our criticisms and the negative attributions we give to an individual based off of these judgments.

I've gotten to a point in my interaction with individuals that when I see someone acting crazy, or being shy, or dying their hair blue, purple, or pink, I laugh or smile. The coined phrase, "you do you," is repetitively used over and over again to describe situations such as those and it should be. So why does no one truly act as if they feel that way?

It is in no way our place to tell another person how they should live their life if it is not harming or affecting us or another human in any way shape or form. You want to dye your hair, wear sweats every day, or wear a ballgown to class? YOU DO YOU.

Life is too short to spend time criticizing people based off of our initial or general judgments. Make them and then let them be, don't try to dictate who they are based on what you believe. Would you want someone to do that to you? Then leave them be and be supportive instead of a detriment. Embrace the "you do you" culture, now is the time.