We Set Sail - "Feel Nothing" Available Now!
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We Set Sail - "Feel Nothing" Available Now!

Second full-length album available now at Flying Hope Records.

We Set Sail - "Feel Nothing" Available Now!
We Set Sail

Two years in the making, the day is finally here. The follow-up album to the 2013 release "Rivals", "Feel Nothing" is available now. The compilation of a recording journey that took much collaboration, scheduling, planning, and setbacks. "Feel Nothing" is a labor of love from We Set Sail.

We Set Sail is an up and coming band from Brisbane, Australia. Reminiscent of 90’s indie/punk, the heavy and nostalgic sound grabs hold of the listener from the first song. Feel Nothing hits hard with music that accompanies thought-provoking lyrical content. Each song stands out and pulls the listener in while still remaining a part of the album experience as a whole.

From abstract works to personal songs, this album encompasses the progression of life over a two-year time period. From the first recordings for Feel Nothing until the album was sent off for pressing, much had been gone through. These experiences, thoughts, and feelings became the foundation for every bit of heart on the record. We Set Sail brings about an emergence of a new wave of underground punk, similar to that of the bands Citizen and Pentimento . More guitar work, a sound that envelopes the room (or headphones), and makes you step back and feel something.

“You said I made you sick . At least I made you feel something.”

Every second of "Feel Nothing" plays a part of the overall composition. We Set Sail continues to build off of Rivals with respect to the flowing nature of songs. Guitars play soothing notes at times, like ocean waves to carry the listener on. Flow through the rest of the song to crashing cymbals, and powerful vocals. It’s as if the calm waters turned to stormy seas. All of this plays a part in the stories being told, all of it necessary. Every single second on "Feel Nothing" has a part to play, and no sound is lost to an uninterested ear.

The album is available now through Flying Hope Records, and through the band (if you live in Australia). CD's and limited edition cassettes can be purchased from the store and mailed directly to your door.


"Reminders Written on Maps"

"Animal, Mineral, Vegetable"

We Set Sail is an emerging band that is creating wonderful works of art. "Feel Nothing" is sure to be a top favorite album this year. It portrays growth, versatility, songwriting ability and captures listeners of Indie/Punk/Underground music.

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