10 Ways To Relax You During Midterms During October
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10 Ways To Get You Through Midterms When Your To-Do List Is Spookier Than Your GPA

Use these simple tricks alone or with your spooky squad.

10 Ways To Get You Through Midterms When Your To-Do List Is Spookier Than Your GPA

Midterms are rapidly approaching. We're all still trying to get in the grove of the new semester. Due dates are flying by and it's getting to the point in the semester when everything starts catching up and students are slowly dying down and no longer on top of everything.

Midterms can define where you are at in the class, essentially making or breaking your grade (at least at this point in the semester). It's the true test of a class.

Thankfully, it's finally fall and October is here! There are so many ways to take a break and unwind from the constant flow of assignments and material to study.

Paint or carve pumpkins.

This can be relaxing and calming. You choose how much time or how difficult this task can be; painting a small pumpkin compared to carving an elaborate pattern on a regular sized pumpkin. Then, you get to display your work as decoration too. It can be a group activity or a solo event.

Game night spooky style.

This requires at least three people and I suggest "Betrayal At House On The Hill." A board game where someone in the group double-crosses the rest. There are so many outcomes for this game that you'll never play the same situation twice. I suggest providing your own theme music to add to the suspense, like Jaws.

Take a break on the horseshoe on campus.

The weather is finally cooling off in Columbia, SC, so take this perfect opportunity to embrace this gorgeous campus. It's the ideal place for in between class breaks and you need to study or get some assignments done or just straight chill.

Target Halloween run!

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen on Twitter the tweets about $1 socks at Target. It's true, along with other cheap festive items in this section right when you walk into the store. Fall or Halloween objects accompanied by everything food related, flavored with pumpkin spice, can be found here. It's amazing and the socks are so cute with various patterns and sizes.

Bake cookies and have a Halloweentown marathon.

This is as basic as it gets, yet never gets boring. Break out the Halloween themed sugar cookies sold at every grocery store and get cozy with this classic. It won't fail to have you relaxed and happy.

Fall candles!

You have literally no time to sit down and take a break? We've all been there with midterms coming up. Buy a fall (or spooky) scented or themed candle of your choice to light while you're stuck studying for hours straight. Make, or buy, your favorite fall drink as well to settle in.

Creepy hide-and-go-seek.

Turn off all the lights in your apartment or place of resident and play hide-and-go-seek with your roommates. No matter how small the space is, it is so fun and will have you giggling in the first few seconds. Hiding spots will only become better and better as you play, especially with the lights off. I suggest behind open doors, the bathtub, closets and under the bed as starters.

State Fair!

October is when most state fairs set up and are in town for at least a week. SC's state fair in Columbia is happening October 10th – 21st. October 15th is college day, so everyone who has a student ID has free admission, meaning more money to spend on food and rides! Gorge yourself on greasy fair food as the ultimate way to take a break from midterms and go on rides that will get all your screams out that you have held in from studying all day.

Video games!

A classic way to let your mind go numb and focus on something other than schoolwork. It's a distraction unlike Netflix where we all aren't truly paying attention to the current show we are watching. Plus, playing a game is more engaging than sitting in front of your laptop or TV. The options of games are endless and you can stick with the spooky theme by playing a well-known scary game that will have your skin crawling.

Scary story time!

Remember in all English classes around Halloween in 4th8thgrade? You would have to write a creative scary story. Writing is a great way to unwind while still getting your brain stimulated. Let your friends get in on this too and have everyone write a scary short story, then have a reading in the dark with candles and a flashlight.

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