How To Busk Like A Busker And Go Busking

Before You Go Busking, Use These 10 Tips To Busk Like A Successful Busker

Busk or bust.


Busking is a performance art, usually involving musical talent out in public who play in exchange for a modest price. Paying the price and knowing one's worth is the busker mentality. It is a balancing act between you and the public, but the art stands dead center, waiting to be animated. To busk successfully, here are some ways to make your busking debut..

1. What's in a name?

Brent M. Wiggins

Calling a person by their name shows that you care to remember them. On a commute, people rarely ask for each other's names. Being a busker means putting your name out there. It could be your given name or a stage name, but the goal is to have people remember who you are and what you do.

2. Networking.

One of the perks of being a busker is that people will come up to you. Interested parties will want to know more about you and may return for more. Prepare information on your performances, where you attend events, host a website to showcase your work, and make business cards. You never know who you'll meet or what opportunities will come your way.

3. Naysayers.

Sometimes you have to smile through a salty person or two. Bring your thick skin and deaf ears for such occasions. Stay for the support and don't let anyone who doesn't understand stop you from your efforts. If they wanted to understand, they would have stuck around. Since they've walked away, you have nothing to worry about. Keep your heart in the art.

4. Location.

Real estate rules apply to busking. Wherever you go, you want to make it feel like home. You want to be where the most traffic is but sometimes you have to create traffic. Go to places that match your creativity, that would welcome what you have to offer.

5. Travel.

Travel plans can make or break your busking debut. You don't want to carry too much equipment on you at once. You also want to be able to carry what you need if you have to. Less is more and easier on your back and feet. Pack light if you can and organize your tools of the trade for a smooth and inviting performance.

6. Time.

Experiment with different times when you go busking. Don't limit yourself to just the morning or afternoon. See how the night life responds to you as well. There is never a wrong time to busk, but there is always a right time.

7. Breaks.

Every now and then, nature calls. Be sure to know where the bathrooms are and where you can grab a bite to eat or have something to drink. Familiarize yourself with the venue and if you have to leave your equipment briefly, make sure to have someone you trust standby and attend to your absence. You can't rush perfection on an empty stomach or full bladder.

8. Space.

Be mindful of your surroundings. You don't want to be directly in the way nor do you want to be too far away. Set up on a street corner or against a wall. Try a park or a nearby museum. Using your environment to your advantage will give you and everyone easy access to your performance.

9. Plan.

Now that you've gotten a hold of the busking bug, it's time to make yourself a regular. Plan to attend events, see how people react, gauge how much business you can make, and decide on any new course of action. Prepare, perspire, push with care.

10. Busk your way.

Brent M. Wiggins

You decide your style of busking. From one busker to another, the creative potential is endless and keeps changing every day. Now, get out there and busk!

Put your heart into your art.

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ASU Students Push For A Healthier Dining Hall To Counter 'Freshman 15' Fears

The freshman 15 is an avoidable curse, but many students will continue to follow into its trap.


Arizona State University students are pushing for change within the downtown Phoenix dining hall as they strive to avoid the infamous freshman 15.

The downtown Phoenix campus offers fewer dining options than the Tempe campus and has a less appetizing dining hall. The freshman 15 is a common scare among students living in the dorms, who are often freshman.

The freshman 15 is defined as a student who gains 15 pounds or more in their first year of college. Studies prove the average freshman does not exercise the right amount, is sleep deprived, has a poor diet, increases their stress level, alcohol consumption, and fatty food intake, which is most likely causing their weight gain.

Lauren Hernandez

Daniella Rudoy, a journalism major and fitness instructor at the SDFC, relived her freshman year as she provided tips for incoming freshman.

"There are a lot of workouts you can do in your dorm room as long as you have access to YouTube or a floor. You can go on a run, a walk, or do exercises that do not require equipment," Rudoy said in support of college fitness.

Rudoy said that mental health, fitness, and nutrition all correlate with one another.

"I follow the saying abs are made in the kitchen. So if you are working out day and night, but eating a giant pizza and chicken wings with a pack of beer when you come home you aren't doing yourself much good," Rudoy said.

Lauren Hernandez

The main cause for weight gain is increased alcohol consumption. 80 percent of college students drink and this includes binge drinking, which is unhealthy for many reasons.

Students who do not drink are most likely gaining weight because of their exposure to an all-you-can-eat dining hall. The downtown Phoenix campus offers a salad bar as their only consistent healthy option for students, therefore students are left eating hamburgers, fries, and pizza.

"I haven't been to the dining hall this semester. Last semester, I went because I had no other options. I am a vegetarian and the dining hall is not accommodating to those with allergies or food restrictions. I find it very difficult to find vegetarian options," Lexi Varrato, a journalism major said.

Lauren Hernandez

Varrato explained that she believes the freshman 15 is "100 percent real" and that incoming freshman should research their meal plans and ask their school how their dietary restrictions will be accommodated before purchasing a non-refundable meal plan.

Megan Tretter, a nursing major at Seattle University emphasized that not every dining hall is like ASU's and that the freshman 15 is "definitely not a problem" at her school.

"I always eat healthy at my dining hall. There are a lot of good and healthy options at Seattle University. I usually go to the smoothie line in the morning, have a salad for lunch, and make myself an acai bowl after work with avocado toast in our floor's kitchen," Tretter said in support of her school's strive for healthy options.

College students across the United States have healthier dining options than ASU, but many colleges still face the same problems that students here are facing.

Tara Shultz, a journalism major at ASU believes she has avoided the "very real" freshman 15 by living at home.

"I believe the freshman 15 targets dorm residence and first-year students who do not live at home as they do not have their parents as a guide and are forced to eat at a dining hall that only serves fatty foods," Shultz emphasized.

Lauren Hernandez

The downtown Phoenix campus offers students access to the SDFC, YMCA, and Taylor Place gym, where students can take group fitness classes, run on a track, play basketball, or swim. Alternative options for students are purchasing a membership at Orangetheory or EOS Fitness.

Most students agreed with journalism major Vanessa Gonzalez that they have little time to work out due to their workload, but many students like Varrato, Tretter, and Rudoy explained that they try to work out every day as it is a stress reliever and it enriches their mental health.

Steve Fiorentino, the owner of Powered Up Nutrition encourages college students to learn what they are putting in their bodies.

"I think it starts with nutrition. Students believe they can outwork a bad diet and I believe that is their number one mistake. My advice is to stop eating fast foods and start eating whole and healthy foods along with supplements," Fiorentino stated.

The freshman 15 is an avoidable curse, but many students will continue to follow into its trap. The campus dining hall is not always the reason to blame as students have the option to decrease their meal plans, become active, and make healthy choices!

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8 Things You Need To Know About A People Watcher Because It Is Way Cooler Than It Sounds, Trust Me

Listening and never ignoring, Watching but never judging, they are People Watchers/Listeners.


We all know someone that stays quiet no matter what happens and when you ask them for advice, they always give you some. Even if I have no advice to give, I will give you feedback because of the amount of information I have gathered about you from different sources. You might be thinking, "What could you know about me?" Well, let me be around you for an hour and I could tell you or let me "accidentally" sit behind you in the cafeteria and I can tell you a lot.

1. We are always watching.

We are a type of people that do not interject into a conversation because we only want the truth and nothing distorted. In an environment where a people-watcher is alone surrounded by people is the perfect opportunity to listen in or watch a few people between your time.

2. We probably know more than you.

Talking is an action you take that disables you from listening to multiple conversations at once. As a people watcher, we have mastered the art of absorbing all the information being said no matter how many conversations are going on. One day I overheard a story and then a few weeks later I heard the same story from another person with a different point of view. I can tell you that these two people should not be friends anymore because the stuff I heard... hurtful as hell. They were both talking shit about each other.

3. We are probably the wisest because we know everything.

Trust me on this. If you are friends with a people watcher, you wouldn't even know. Around their friends, they are normal and talk with them while drowning everything else out because they are not alone. They have to be vigilant while they are with their friends but around strangers, I can tell you that they are always listening. If you have anything you need advice on, we are the people that you should talk to. By nature, most of us are kind, sweet but sassy loners because we are usually alone when we listen in or watch you.

4. If you are mysterious, we will make a story up about you to fill in the blanks.

Don't try to be mysterious because it only makes people like us make something up about you like that you are actually a police officer undercover at a college to find out... I don't know, to find a man that has been stealing panties or something. It will be related to anything we hear.

5. We might be staring at you if your talking.

I say might because there are some that are able to do two things at once like writing a paper or doing research. We while doing that, we are able to multi-task and hear everything that is going on. But there are some people-watchers that like to stare at people when you are talking because, in our mind, we are then able to make a storyboard with your appearance as the main character.

6. You must know that your "private stories" you talk about in public are not private to us.

We may be listening on the other side of a wall but we are still listening. Just think that "The walls have ears" or something but we are always watching and listening. If you look around and see only a person with earbuds in, they are probably listening because in between songs they probably heard your story and invested in it.

7. We wish we had popcorn 24/7.

We may look bored or something with our resting neutral face but I can assure you that on the inside, we are hoping to get an interesting story and to be entertained by you and your stories. It is the perfect time to chow down on some popcorn and wait for the story to get better. Personally, popcorn is a bit... I prefer candy because who doesn't love eating while they are watching a movie, right?

8. Our people watching is harmless. 

Pee Wee Herman

You don't even know we exist. We are a type of people that when you are around others, you always think they are not listening and they might not be but if they are then you wouldn't even know because who wants to ask someone, "are you listening?" to a stranger? Nobody, it's awkward and makes you look like you think you are so great that someone has to be listening.

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