Red And Friendly Reminders: A Waterparks Theory
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Red And Friendly Reminders: A Waterparks Theory

I swear Awsten will be the death of me and I love him for it.



Red And Friendly Reminders: A Waterparks Theory

Bands: you love them, you hate them. They drop cryptic clues and posts (like when someone "pretends" to leave the band) that make absolutely no sense or seem insignificant one minute, then you look back six months later and wonder how you didn't pick up on something until now. When you do figure it out, everything falls into place, and you're able to form theories based on these clues.

Waterparks' lead singer, Awsten Knight, has always done a fantastic job at keeping fans on their toes. You turn a blind eye on a small detail from something that was released three years ago *cough* Cluster *cough,* only to discover it may play an important role in something else later on.

Every intricate detail Knight puts into everything from his social media posts, to lyrics, to music video and artwork designs have meanings making them vital pieces to a larger picture in the past, present or future. At the end of the day, Awsten is the king of hint dropping.

Waterparks is currently on tour with One OK Rock as support for The Eye Of The Storm Tour. Along the way, Awsten has rocked some new looks, including a suit and new hair color. These new threads have fans jumping up and down with theories as well as in hopes of a new album.

Based on current events and details from the Entertainment, I have formed theories of my own.

1. Alphabetical Order

First things first, it's no secret that all of Waterparks' albums and EPs have been released in alphabetical order, so it doesn't come as a shock that the rumored album will begin with the letter F. What could the F stand for? Many are guessing it will be called Friendly Reminder.

2. Lyric Drop?

After scolling through instagram, I came across this post, and the video is what initially sparked my curiosity.

For all artists, lyrics are a form of self expression as well as a way to relieve stress. They're powerful/personal thoughts and emotions that tell a story. I like to think of Waterparks' songs as mini chapters to a much bigger tale (that's a much bigger theory I have) that is relatable.

In a recent show, Awsten changed the lyrics of Plum Island, from "couldn't tell her i adore her" to "couldn't delete friendly reminder," so, what could this mean?

My theory: There are a couple reasonings I was able to come up with that led to the beginning of my theory. My initial thought was that the change in lyrics was Awsten low-key dropping a random lyric from the next album. My next thought was that if I was correct, and these were lyrics, what did they mean? Maybe they're part of a song that's an expanded version or continuation of Plum Island. It also occurred to me that these were the original lyrics to the song.

*original video posted on Twitter by @sleepaloone*

3. Color Scheme/Slogan Change

Awsten often plays around with fans by changing the band's Twitter bio to things such as 'GLOOM BOY SEASON,' 'GOD'S FAVORITE BOY BAND,' and, as of recently, 'THE - ANTI BAND.'

The slogan and banner colors are also changed with every new album era.

I commented on this post trying to understand what they were talking about (as I just gathered they wanted something new, and it was just Awsten being Awsten), but some good points were made. It was explained that all of the colors making up the new banner are primary. The album artwork of Double Dare reflected lettering with blue grapes, while Entertainment was solid purple (both of which were Awsten's hair colors at one point).

My theory: The album artwork for the new album will feature a primarily red logo for the new era. I'd also like to point out that most of these colors are on his floral shirt in the "We Need To Talk" music video.

4. Jawn Rocha???

Jawn Rocha is one of Awsten's best friends, but, could he also be a clue? While Awsten has a reputation for mixing up his hair color (even if it's just different shades of the same color), the photographer in question has for the longest time had red in his hair. Yes, he's also had yellow and orange, but his most consistent color is red. He even gifted Awsten his hair for Christmas one year.

My theory: What if Awsten has been teasing us with Jawn Rocha all along? My bet is, if anyone would know what Awsten could possibly be up to, it would be Jawn. This was also around the time Awsten live streamed shaving, and his bathroom in Houston is painted red like the room shown in this picture. The paint also seems to be the same shade as Jawn's hair. Coincidence?

5. We Need To Talk music video: Zombie Awsten

The photo on the left was released before, if not shortly after the single 'Blonde' dropped. What I find interesting is the back and white color scheme in the background is exactly identical to the color combination of the Tantrum shirt worn in the We Need To Talk music video.

In addition to the shirts, the facial expressions in both have a similar haunted or possessed look, especially around the eyes.

My theory: While it's likely that it's just a coincidence, I feel like there's a connection between the looks and colors. Black and white are also prominent colors in the new backdrop.

6. We Need To Talk music video: Segway from Entertainment to new album?

We Need To Talk Music Video

In the "We Need To Talk" video, we see a VHS tape covered by a piece of paper that says Friendly Reminder. The videotape was a symbol and one of the main focus points during the Entertainment era.

My theory: The VHS tape is the next era. If the lyric change (see the video under lyric drop) is correct and “couldn't delete friendly reminder" is correct, maybe Awsten is hinting that whatever is on that's tape is something (past relationship?) that made him write the songs for Entertainment. Maybe Entertainment is the response piece to that tape.

It also helps that the track listing for the Entertainment album resembles the shape of a VHS tape.

7. New Hair Color

On March 20, Awsten broke stan Instagram and the internet with his new hair color at one of the last stops on the One OK Rock Tour. I have compiled some thoughts as to why his hair color could be red in the new Waterparks' era.

8. Previously Posted Photos: Red Hair

When promoting his best friend Travis' new book, Awsten posted a pic with red hair.

My theory: Since this is the first time we've seen Awsten with red hair, it's obvious that it's spray hair dye

9. Previously Posted Photos: Necklace

Post Made to Waterparks Facebook Group

Post made by Amanda Rae and pics from Awsten Knight Instagram

These photos have been on Awsten's Instagram account since Nov. 2017. Both photos feature a different necklace than the clear and blue feet he's been sporting since the beginning of the Entertainment era. The necklace in the photos above is comprised of a different shade of red feet, which until recently haven't been seen since.

The caption on the original post (where he's licking his phone) says BAD WORDS in between two red general prohibition signs (the red circle with the diagonal line through it).

My theory: The necklaces are a clue to his next hair color, however, I believe they also say that the album's going to be aggressive. The caption BAD WORDS tells me the album is going to be very explicit.

10. Merch: TANTRUM Shirts

Red/Blue Tantrum long sleeve from Entertainment UK Tour and Black/Red Tantrum shirt from Warped Tour 2018

The long sleeved TANTRUM shirt was first released as part of the merch on UK Entertainment Tour. It is a red shirt with blue stitching and only became available in the US AFTER the tour. Usually, when new music drops, the US fans are one of the last to hear it, as we are in a drastically different time zone from the rest of the world.

The black short sleeve shirt was sold at the last run of Warped Tour.

My theory: The only thing these shirts have in common is the color red. While that doesn't mean much, At the beginning of the "Not Warriors" music video, Awsten is entering the house in the red long sleeve and leaves the house in the blue and yellow stitched shirt. This could represent the exit of the Double Dare era and the entrance of a new one. Also the red on black is the same on the beanie (see Merch: Accessories).

11. Merch: Accessories

The clover beanie is currently on Waterparks merch store, and the color scheme is red text on a black background with a red clover.

My theory: The girl in the "We Need To Talk" video is also a red-head, and he's seen arguing with her around the lyrics "I really thought you were my four leaf clover."

This lyric is also around when Awsten is a zombie with said redhead with red lighting.

The Tantrum shirt sold at last year's Warped Tour was also a black shirt with red stitching (see Merch:Tantrum).

These could be a nod to Awsten's new hair color. It's also possible this girl just really pissed him off.

12. Could Colors Indicate The Mood of The New Album?

We often associate moods with colors. Red for anger, purple for fear, blue for sadness, green for disgust/jealousy, and yellow for happiness and joy.

Awsten also can feel colors. For example, the song "Pink" off of Cluster is more about a feeling than it is about the song.

My theory: The new album will have a variation of tones. Maybe we're looking at a heavier and more aggressive album. Whatever is on that tape makes him feel or is a mixture of emotions.

13. MATT

Post made to Waterparks Facebook Group

Post made by Amanda Rae

In short, this post basically sums up the main topics behind my theory.

The only thing the author touched on that I didn't (didn't really trigger any further the time) makes sense. Awsten did debut his red locks for the second time on March 19 which does happen to be when the lyrics “I'm seeing red and nothing else" are sung in "Mad All The Time."

My theory: "Mad All The Time" has always been a Waterparks staple. I don't think I've ever seen them when they haven't played this song. This could have been a long-running hint nobody picked up on until now. What if the new album has a track (my guess either 3, 5 or 10) that's a continuation or explanation of "Mad All The Time?"

14. Conclusion

There are 10 letters total in the word Waterparks, which will most likely be the number of tracks (like Entertainment). The third letter on the new banner is RED. The third track on Cluster is "Mad All The Time."

There's a lyric "I'm seeing RED and nothing else." (The abbreviation for the song is MATT. What if MATT is actually a person who did something to Awsten to trigger him into a state of depression? WHO THE HELL IS MATT, AND WHAT DID HE DO TO AWSTEN? MAYBE A SONG ON THE NEW ALBUM WILL BE AN INTRO AND EXPLAIN WHO MATT IS.)

Zombie Awsten was in a RED room. He rocked a fire RED look twice now both hair and necklace wise. STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS.

15. R.I.P Entertainment, Hello New Era


Have I gone too far with trying to figure out the new Waterparks era? Most likely, yes. For me, trying to figure things like this out is fun. I'm able to connect everything I know so far to new ideas. Could all of it be a coincidence? Maybe, but probably not.

I think Awsten tries to embed so many clues and details that are so small you can miss them with the blink of an eye or won't catch onto until later. He does a good job making things so subtle that it looks like its just a simple detail that means nothing until he goes and does something bold (like changing his hair color).

It drives me absolutely nuts when I start picking up on things he may or may not have hidden.

Either way, I love him for it.

Final train of thought: We already know the yellow car with purple wording represents Double Dare and Entertainment at the end of "Not Warriors."

The fact that the car is on fire most likely means that they are moving on and are (if they haven't already) burning bridges with those who influenced those albums. The band is ready to move into a new direction. I believe that direction is going to be more angsty and aggressive.

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