10 Things You Realize When Your Little Sister Grows Up
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10 Things You Realize As Your Little Sister Grows Up And Becomes Her Own Person

Nothing could ever compare to the bond of two sisters.

10 Things You Realize As Your Little Sister Grows Up And Becomes Her Own Person

Having a little sister is a blessing. They are basically a built-in best friend who follows you around to the end of the earth. Even when you don't want them to. They take your clothes, copy everything you do, and look up to you. As they start to grow up though and figure out who they are, there are a few things that you realize. Here are ten of them:

Your clothes go missing more often.


Have you ever gone past your sister and did a double take at what she was wearing. Plenty of times I have noticed my sister wearing my shoes or a jacket, taken directly from my closet. Don't even get me started on how much she raids your closet once you leave for college.

Sometimes though, you got to admit, that she pulls off some of your clothes better than you do.

She asks you to drive her everywhere.


Apparently having an older sibling that can drive is the coolest thing. Thus, she wants you to take her everywhere and anywhere. However, memories can be made this way and it can actually be fun to jam out to music while driving on the freeway.

Sarcastic teenage-girl sass is real.


You ask her a question and she gives you a sassy remark. Time after time, she replies with statements and attitudes that almost make you question why you hang out with her.

No boy will ever be good enough for her.

Sister's Boyfriend

This is a big one. You will know he's the one when I approve, just because I am so hard on anyone that comes near my siblings. Future boyfriends of my sister, beware.

She will always be game to come along on an adventure.

The Hobbit

When in doubt, your sister will come with you. I can't tell you how many times I took my sister somewhere with me because I didn't want to go alone, or she was the only one who would come with me. It's pretty touching when your sister is willing to do something boring in order to hang out with you.

Until she gets too cool and decides her friends are more fun.


Then there are the times when she's too busy with her friends to hang out with you. So you better enjoy the moments when she is with you before they disappear in her teen years.

She looks up to you.


No matter what she may do or say, you are her role model. She looks to you for advice, how to deal with life, and for all the details on what is cool and in style. She may get annoying at times, but she loves you, and she wants to be just like you.

You will always worry about her.


Every move she makes and decision she decides will worry you. You don't want her making any of the mistakes you did and wish you could bubble wrap the whole world and shield her from any harm. It's a dark and scary place out there and you don't want it to touch her.

She is your best friend.


Who is always game for movie nights? Who will go with you to a coffee shop at the drop of a hat? Who will take photos for you for your Instagram?

Your sister is your best friend and will never leave you. Through thick and thin, she is the one you can always count on.

No matter how old she gets, she will always be your little sister.


She may get older and wiser and not need you as much, but no matter what, she will stay your little sister. You will always try to keep the world from harming her and protect her from every little thing.

Sisters are precious relationships that last forever. Go hug your sister today and tell her you love her.

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