'The Society' Is The Next Netflix Original You Must See
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'The Society' Is The Next Netflix Original You Must See

Netflix is really doing the most with their newest original shows and movies.

'The Society' Is The Next Netflix Original You Must See

"The Society" focuses on high school students who have to create their own community and survive without the support of their parents who seemingly disappeared.

Right now there has only been one season released, but this show is great for any college student looking for a new show to start binging as summer is approaching. I do want to throw in the disclaimer that it is rated TV-MA because there are quite a few sexual scenes (high school students with empty houses and newfound freedom, what else would you expect)? So if that makes you uncomfortable I probably wouldn't recommend watching it, or I recommend being ready to fast forward as needed.

This show is awesome because it isn't extremely predictable like most shows and movies are lately. There's a mystery that no one can quite solve which is "where are the parents?" And "WTF happened/is happening?" This is the type of show where you think you know exactly what is going on and you think you have it all figured out, and the last three minutes of the season finale just rips that rug right out from under you.

"The Society" gives a really cool perspective on what can happen when you try to leave high-schoolers to their own devices, no service outside of their community so they can only communicate with each other, no social media, no Netflix, or anything of the like. They have to do things they aren't prepared for and they're forced to mature almost instantly. I don't know about you, but I don't like breaking my routine, and something like realizing our parents have disappeared would leave me feeling like I can't function anymore as a human being, mostly for the social support my family gives me.

I will say, however, that the show has a way of making you feel like you're in the show with the characters and are feeling what they are feeling, panic, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. These are all feelings that I usually get when reading a book, but Netflix has done such a great job with this series that they really are telling you a story in a relatable way.

If you haven't binged "The Society" yet, don't put it off any longer, grab a blanket, cuddle up, and binge it!

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