Why You Need To Watch 'Black Mirror'

If you haven’t seen the psychological drama series, Black Mirror, yet, here’s everything you need to know about it and why you should watch it.

Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, originally aired on British television but after its popularity, Netflix comminissioned a third season of the show. There are 13 episodes featuring completely different stories and characters. Each episode tells a thought-provoking story of how technology can change our lives for good, but mostly bad. You’ll finish an episode thinking about the intense, dark twists of the stories for days.

Black Mirror is something unlike any other show on TV or Netflix. Its technology-centered story lines are perfect for Millennials. In “Nosedive”, we follow a young woman completely hooked on her social media popularity. Sound like anyone you know? As the quirky and eye-opening episode transpires we see how her life spirals completely out of control because of it. In “Shut Up and Dance”, we see how an interruption in Internet privacy can ruin a life… or a few.

While we currently have some of the technology featured in these episodes, some technologies seem very science fiction and hundreds of years away. “The Entire History of You” features a tiny grain-like chip implanted in your head that saves all your memories through special contact lenses. This kind of technology isn’t that unimaginable when you think about things like Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles recording everything you see.

In an age where new technological advancements are made every day, it’s important that Millenials, and all other ages, see how it can change their lives for the good and bad. All of the Black Mirror episodes will have you questioning what you would do in these situations for days if not more.

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