16 Thoughts We All Have When The Weather Goes From 30 to 60

16 Thoughts We All Have When The Weather Goes From 30 Degrees To 60 Degrees

Spring? Is that really you?

Cary Porter

No meteorologist can predict the ever-changing weather of the East Coast. A few weeks ago we saw a few inches of snow. This week, the boys brought out their khaki shorts. Here is a depiction of your daily thoughts during the nice weather.

1. "Do I really have to go inside? Like do I really need to go to work?"


But like, do I really need money?

2. "Holy shit, is my front seat actually warm?! Like my seat is hot?! From the sun?!" 

Wow, it must be a miracle.

3. "I wonder what the temperature is in other states.." *checks weather app with all your saved places*


4. "..Is this okay? This is probably not okay." 

There's something wrong about the temperature dropping that low and raising that fast...right? Right. Global warming is a thing.

5. "Why is every man wearing the same thing?"


Tis' the season for shorts, t-shirts, and loafers, boys.

6. "This is definitely the weather for windows down and blasting Khalid"


Or whatever songs get you goin' on warm days.

7. Or "This is bike weather" *goes and buys a bike*

Hannah Porter

You think I am kidding, right? My boyfriend, on the FIRST warm day of the season, went a bought a 2018 Honda Ruckus. Because why not?

Whatever your favorite bike is (not just motorbikes, pedal bikes like beach cruisers and mountain bikes apply here too), we can all agree that warm air on our face is one of the best starts to spring into Spring!

8. "...Where did all these people come from?"

Temple University Instagram

Everyone is out from hiding

9. "Why do I suddenly want Rita's?"

Rita's Water Ice

Sorry, West Coast. I meant water ice.

10. "Yeah, but will this actually last?" 

Shhhh, keep these thoughts to yourself! No bad vibes during nice weather.

11. "Do I still fit in my shorts? Do I even want to try?"


*puts on leggings*

12. "Is it too early for the beach?"

Hannah Porter

To answer this question for you, no it is never too early for the beach. If you grew up on the beach, you know what I mean.

13. "I am pale, like Casper the Friendly Ghost pale. How did this happen?"


*A few hours later*

"...orange. I am orange."

14. "This is a marg day. Or a really cold beer day. Okay, this is a drinking day. Give me something."

Smoked Pineapple Cocktail (@Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse in Philadelphia)

Hannah Porter

You know damn well that you can see yourself drinking this right about now.

15. "I wonder how many people are going to say 'It's so nice out' today."

A lot. Just know it is a lot.

16. "I definitely have swimsuits, but there are sales now. So, on to another one!"


There is something in the air every time it gets nice out that subconsciously wakes our swimsuit shopping brain.

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