Wake Forest University's Top 10 List
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Wake Forest University's Top 10 List

The Greatest aspects of the happiest place on Earth.

Wake Forest University's Top 10 List
Keegan McManus

Wake Forest is famous for their extremely thorough and rigorous application process. The application contains a long essay as well as eight supplemental questions. Although the application may appear daunting at first, I found myself so intrigued by the creative and thought provoking questions. The most notorious question on the Wake Forest application is “Give Us Your Top Ten List”. This is so interesting because they are asking you to pick the most creative and dynamic theme that represents a special feature about you. Most people do their favorite places, favorite TV shows, favorite hobbies, but I felt responsible to push the limit on creativity while exemplifying another trait about myself.

I decided to do my top 10 list about “My Favorite Recipes to Cook” because I thought it would showcase my unique theme and love for cooking and, more importantly, eating. Some of my favorite top 10 lists that my friends used on their applications were “Top 10 Favorite Feelings”, “Top Ten Reasons to Live Like Spongebob”, and “Top Ten People to Have Dinner With”. Everyone at Wake has a top 10 list that is special to their personality and application. However, I believe the university as a whole deserves the recognition of having a personal top 10 list. Hense, here are the “10 Greatest Aspects of Wake Forest University.

1. It is one of the best looking places in the country.

Wake was designed so that every building compliments the next and the cohesiveness of the campus is very attractive. The students here are also as good looking as the campus they live at. (Humble brag)

2. The Pit

Wake is renowned for having some of the best food of any college campus. The Pit is a social hub where everyone gets the chance to relax, see their friends, and eat delicious food. The Pit offers a variety of options with many different food stations where you can get your meal customized and made to order. However, the best part of the Pit is the extremely friendly staff.

3. The Application Process

Wake wants to get to know the entire person when they are applying to the school. They look far beyond test scores and GPA by interview all prospective students and getting to know who they really are. The application is long, but it allows you to express every aspect of yourself through the diverse and creative questions. When you apply to Wake you know that you have shown the college your entire personality.

4. The Class Sizes

My largest class last semester contained only nineteen people. This ensures the ability to ask questions whenever you would like and establish meaningful relationships with your professors.

5. The Professors

Every professor I have had at Wake has given me personal attention whenever I needed it and genuinely want their students to thrive. They make themselves readily available with various office hours throughout the week and treat their students like the capable, and intelligent people that they are. Wake is a place where learning is collaborative and truly effective.

6. The Greek Life

Wake Forest is a place where students know how to work hard and play hard. The balance of academic and social life is perfect and Greek Life allows people to form close friendships and introduces them to more people than one would ever think possible. The parties are always very exciting and entertaining.

7. The Wait Chapel

The Chapel is at the hub of Wake’s campus and it is absolutely beautiful. The Chapel is always looking like an absolute snack and it is a place that all people can go for comfort. Events are often held in the Chapel to bring the student body together and keep the students entertained and productive.

8. The Classes

Wake offers so many different types of classes that is overwhelming to initially make your schedule. However, every single class at Wake will effectively educate you on the subject and every professor cares so much about the material that they are teaching. The variety of disciplines one can study is endless, and if you want to take a class that Wake doesn’t offer, they will create that class for you.

9. The Students

This place is more welcoming and happy than Disney World. Every single student is intelligent, confident, and personable. Everyone here knows how to have a great time socially, while balancing an academically rigorous schedule. The friendships made at Wake will certainly last a lifetime.

10. Subway

The happiest place on Earth. This is where you can find all the fun Wake Forest students at 2 am. This is the highest grossing Subway in North America because it not only guarantees a fantastic footlong, it guarantees many laughs and great conversations.

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