Vote Laurel Cox For SA Treasurer at University of Tulsa

Listen up University of Tulsa! SA Elections are right around the corner and I want you to vote Laurel Cox for Treasurer!

1. Laurel wants every organization on campus to have access to SA funding...

2. ...and she's going to make the process easy!

3. Laurel is a Communication major, which means she's great at making information accessible and easy to understand

4. Laurel really, really, really loves, a lot. Here's proof:

5. Laurel will make your organization a checklist that tells you exactly how to get SA funding, and it'll be super easy!

6. Laurel says: "There is no reason that any organization should go unfunded by SA"

7. Laurel used to be an Associate Director of public relations in the SA cabinet

8. Now, Laurel is a senate member, and a member of the FAC, that committee that gives you money!

9. Because Laurel is a good friend, which means she is kind and helpful, which is exactly what she will be to your organization

10. Because she is the best choice! Laurel says: "Reign Cane!"

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