10 Reasons to Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender Of The Universe
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10 Reasons to Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender Of The Universe

A Review of the Netflix original series Reboot.

10 Reasons to Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender Of The Universe

Voltron: Legendary Defender is a Netflix original series that came out on June 10, 2016. This series is a reboot for the 80’s anime of the same name and introduces old characters with a new look. Here are the top 10 reasons to check out the series!

1. This is the fine, shining example of a reboot done right.

The animation captures the essence of the original while cleaning things up to make it newer for younger and unfamiliar audiences. Future animated shows need to take this as the holy grail of animation reboots and follow this example.

2. The characters are lovable.

Thus far I have not met a character I didn’t enjoy. They all have their own little quirks. I am so excited for season 2 to meet even more characters that I know I am going to love.

3. The fandom.

This fandom has exploded like nothing I've seen before. It was suddenly all over various social media sites and had content galore. People came to the comic con panel in droves to see the season 2 trailer and talk to the cast.

4. The relationships.

Each character has a strong connection with their lion robots but they also have to bond as a team. And boy do they bond!! The group becomes so close in the span of 11 episodes that it is so cute. Their friendship is the true gem of this show. Of course the shipping is abundant with the biggest ship being Keith and Lance or Klance which is my personal favorite as well.

5. Keith Kogane.

Yes I am going to go into detail of each character. These five characters make the show what it is. Each one has his own backstory and together they create magic. Keith is the red paladin. In the original Voltron he is the leader of the group but in this reboot he is a young reckless teen just trying to find his way in the world. In season 2 we are afraid that the current leader will die and he will have to take over.

6. Lance McClain.

Lance is the group joker. He is the blue Paladin of Voltron and at first treats it all as a joke. But he has shown to care for his friends. He is a flirt and tries to get with pretty much anything that moves. He enjoys zany one-liners and innuendos thrown in for good measure. There is a serious side to him as well. He protects his friends no matter what the danger.

7. Hunk.

The yellow Paladin. This character is shown in the reboot as well as the original show to be chunkier but still athletic. He is all muscle and uses physical strength more often than anything else. Unfortunately Hunk is not nearly as loved by the fandomas some other characters despite being a lovable character with a strong heart.

8. Pidge Gunderson.

Pidge is the smallest paladin. They have a weird history. In the original 1982 series, Pidge is male and the main mechanic gearhead of the team. In the reboot Pidge is a small (apparently) 14-year-old girl named Katie Holt who dresses as a boy to save her family. She pilots the green lion. A lot of people argue about whether Pidge is indeed fully female or not but that is left up to interpretation.

9. Takashi Shirogane.

Shiro is the adult of the crew at apparently 25. He is the leader of the crew and makes all the decisions. In the 1980’s show he is named Sven and Takashi is his japanese name. In the reboot the japanese name is used again.

9. There are so many other characters and quirks to this show I didn't get a chance to discuss but I figured 10 reasons were good enough.

Voltron is a worthy show to check out this summer. It is quick and painless to find. It is available on Netflix streaming and only lasts 11 episodes with the first one being an hour long. The rest are 23 minutes. I managed to finish in 2 days. This is a great series for anyone who enjoyed Legend Of Korra or Avatar: The Last Airbender in their youth. The storyboarding is done by the same folks and it feels very similar in execution and style.

10. This show is my favorite thing to happen in 2016 so far (aside from Pokemon Go).

I hope this list will be reason enough for you to join me in watching and loving this show, it's characters, action sequences and the fandom itself!

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