There's more to good old South Dakota than the Badlands National Park or the famous Mt. Rushmore National Memorial with cement heads of past USA presidents. It was some spooky places to check out and do some paranormal searching in.

And what's better than a little Halloween night adventure? Well, trick-or-treating, but being spooked will have to suffice.

1. Devil's Gulch

Located in Garretson, legend has it the famed outlaw, Jesse James tried to take a flying leap on horseback, over the gorge at the gulch to escape police in pursuit. James did not make it. Visitors who have taken photos will find hours or days later a face in the water.

Some say it's also haunted by a couple from the frontier who met their fate at the gorge. Could it be James' ghost haunting the gorge still trying to get to the other side or is it the couple who met their fate with each other?

2. Bullock Hotel 

Built and named after the Deadwood's first sheriff, Seth Bullock the hotel is rumored to be haunted by Bullock himself. The sheriff died in room 211, and many overnight guests and hotel staff have reported most of the activity coming from room 211.

People say the ghost never hurts them but will sometimes call and touch them or checks on the staff to make sure they are working. When some workers take breaks, they can feel his presence trying to make them go back to work ASAP.

On some of the other floors, guests alarm clocks go off by themselves, TV's turn on even when unplugged and the antique clock will chime on its own even though it has not worked for several of years.

If you're looking for some friendly ghosts to stay the night with compared to other places, Bullock Hotel is the way to go.

3. Hotel Alex Johnson 

Home to the lady in white ghost, Hotel Alex Johnson is one of the most haunted hotels in South Dakota. The hotel has even been featured on the show "Ghost Hunters".

The lady in white, one of the most famous sightings, is the ghost of a young bride who committed suicide by flinging herself out of room 812's window. Guest claims the bridge wanders the 8th floor in a white gone, searching for who is responsible for death since many believed foul play was involved.

Others have also reported a young girl on the 8th floor who knocks on their door, and upon opening, she disappears. Some even hear here giggling in the halls.

4. Sioux San Hospital 

Known for its abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of patients, there is no surprise this hospital is haunted. Suicides were more frequent than not along with experimental surgeries that lead to the deaths of some patients.

Most of the paranormal activity is those of children and many who work at the public hospital still feel their presence in the halls or been seen wandering the hallways too. Others have witnessed apparitions of a young Native American child who is still searching for the homes lost due to it being changed to a sanatorium in 1898.

5. The Adams House 

Now a museum, the Adams house also sits in Deadwood, South Dakota. The house as a rich history of family's who have died there due to cancer, strokes or naturally.

One person who likes to make themselves known is rumored to be the ghost of W.E. Adams who died of a stroke in the mansion. His wife, Mary, would hear his spirit walking around on the second floor. Mary ended up leaving the house and everything behind during their life together.

Adam's likes to make his presence known by finding some way to say hello to new staffers. One staffer smelt a strong aroma of cigar smoke on her first day at the museum. Another one said the rocking chair in Mary's room began to rock strongly by itself.

Get your ghost hunting gear out this Halloween because South Dakota is is full of haunted hotspots.