Assateague Island, A Magical Place Spanning Two States

Assateague Island, A Magical Place Spanning Two States

Did someone say horses?

Imagine. You are sitting on the beach but instead of being surrounded by people everywhere you look, you are instead surrounded by horses. For about ten dollars a day, you can park your car, drag all your beach materials up the sand, and settle down right on the beach. Wind blowing in your hair and the view of not only the ocean but horses as well.

This is Assateague Island. Located near Ocean City, Assateague Island is a long island that people can visit and even camp on. To camp though is almost impossible. Stated on the Assateague website; “Campsite reservations are available six months in advance. Be aware that nearly all reservations for weekends are filled the first day that they become available” Every time I have visited this is very true.

When I was younger, both my mom and I camped out and at four a.m. the horses had arrived and were raiding our food tent. It was a really cool experience as a six-year-old to see horses at four a.m. Despite the fact that you might not be able to camp though, it is a really awesome place to go for even the day. Although horses are fantastic to see at a beach, people often forget that they are wild horses. There is a pretty hefty fine to feed or touch them and it is recommended to stay several feet away.

Assateague Island has two beaches. The first is stateside, which is where people camp or pay ten dollars a day. The other beach, the federal side, is in my personal opinion much cooler. You can park your car on the beach and your dogs can come too. Of course, you have to pick up after your dogs but I know for a fact mine love going to the beach.

Kayaking is a great way to also get out there and look for more horses and other wildlife. So, the downside? The mosquitos, but what beach does not have them? Plus, Assateague Island is only a short drive away from Ocean City if you want to make the escape from the crowded beach to a more relaxing trip. Top this all off with the potential to see horses and you have the ultimate beach experience.

Cover Image Credit: Reginia Starnes

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If You Left Your Pet Behind During Hurricane Florence, You Are Trash

There is never an excuse to leave your fur baby behind.


Currently on various news sources, images and videos of pets abandoned in the flooding aftermath of Hurricane Florence are circulating.


How can anyone leave behind their pets to essentially die? I don't care what your circumstances are, you do not leave behind a family member.

YOU are all that your pet has. And you chose to abandon them.

They have no way to evacuate on their own. They have no way to get their food into their bowl. They have no way to find dry land on their own.

They are left to die.

When you bring a pet into your household, you are promising that pet a forever and always. You are promising that animal happiness, love, and safety from the cruel outside world.

When you choose to leave an animal behind, you are choosing to leave them to die.

I get that money is tight. I get that most Americans don't have an emergency savings set aside in catastrophic events such as these. But if your money is THAT tight that you can't bring your pet along with you, you probably shouldn't have gotten an animal in the first place.

With Hurricane Florence, there were free Animal Hospitals and Shelters opening their doors to temporarily house animals. There were companies such as AirBnB offering free housing (some options included pets).

If I were in those pet owner's shoes, my fur baby would be the FIRST thing I packed up when it came time to evacuate. I don't care what the circumstances were. I would sleep in my car for weeks before I left my animals to die.

If you evacuated, but left your pet to die, you are the absolute worst of the worst.

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protect the sharks to protect our earth

Sharks are not the monsters you may think they are!


Sharks might be one of the most feared not only aquatic animals, but species of all time. Sharks are portrayed in movies as the monster killers that main priority is to prey on innocent humans.

Little do people realize these animals are beautiful fish whos appetite consists of marine mammals, and stingrays, and sea lions. Eating a human is like eating expired deli meats to sharks. The moment they realize our flesh is not a salty lump of meat, they are no longer interested.

Sure sharks are killed to give us foods, but more often than not, sharks are killed as a trophy. People will keep the fin of a shark just for bragging rights and to see who can catch a bigger shark. Humans are becoming so inhuman when catching these animals that they are not realizing how much it is affecting the species population.

Another thing that humans forget, is that we are in their territory.

When we go into the ocean that is their home, whereas the land may be our home. imagine if a species you were not used to seeing entered your neighborhood, it might be scary but also you would be curious to know more and what exactly it was.

Sharks keep the oceans clean which means they're keeping our planet clean and that is something we share. Sharks are an apex predator, this means that they are at the top of the food chain and not many other species hunt them.

Apex predators are important to our environment because they keep our earth clean and healthy.

These animals are responsible for keeping other species balanced and they dispose of any sick or old fish keeping the oceans clean and full of life. With dead fish float in the open oceans, they can spread disease that can wipe out many species. Sharks have special antibodies that fight off any sickness or disease in an instance and they cannot get sick so eating the fish causes no harm to the sharks.

Sharks are not the monsters that societies proclaims them to be.

They are just hunting they're food just as we do. We as another species on earth need to learn to share the planet because, without all the living organisms that exist today, our earth wouldn't be as beautiful as it is today. So love the shares, don't kill the sharks.

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