Why You Need to Watch 'A Very Potter Musical' Right Now
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Why You Need to Watch 'A Very Potter Musical' Right Now

Just when you thought Harry Potter couldn't get any better...

Why You Need to Watch 'A Very Potter Musical' Right Now
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Once upon a time... the greatest thing in the world was created. A group of college theatre nerds got together and invented a completely new kind of musical. A Very Potter Musical, to be exact. This low production comedy is filled with dancing wizards, a sassy Dumbledore, and a hilarious new take on a fantastic story. A Very Potter Musical proves that a singing Harry Potter is undeniably cooler than J.K. Rowling's one. This spellbinding phenomenon became famous after the student creators decided to post the musical on YouTube. Please, do yourself a favor and go watch it... right now. Your love of Harry Potter and everything magical will grow and you'll probably find yourself singing some of the clever and catchy tunes. If you aren't already convinced, take a look at everything wonderful about this musical.

1. A curly-haired Harry Potter

Every musical needs a star and there is no question to who that is in this musical. Darren Chris, a curly-haired musical genius, shows off his talent and skill for portraying Harry Potter all throughout this musical. You may recognize him from Glee, as the role of Blaine Anderson. Yep, he's that great. Darren Chris creates a new image of Harry Potter, one with impeccable dance moves and stud-like personality. Plus that curly mop of hair looks great above a lightening scar.

2. The man himself... Ron Weasley

As if you couldn't love this red-headed guy enough... A Very Potter Musical's Ron is definitely the superior version. He is the perfect blend of sassy, sarcastic, and suave. The inner turmoil of his love for Hermione is brought out by song, and his love for Harry is not forgotten. Ron deserves so many stars for this performance and just proves that a singing, sweatband wearing Ron makes everything better.

3. Hermione... the night troll

Even though Emma Watson is a goddess and hard to match, this singing and dancing Hermione exceeds the standards. Her sass compliments her smarts and this musical finally shows how underrated she truly is. Ron is smitten with her and it's not hard to see why. A singing Hermione is a force not to be reckonedwith.

4. The one and only SNAPE

Even though it is clearly a black wig, this portrayal of Snape is AMAZING. The perfection of this role is hard to describe, mainly because it is just too great to understand. Once you see this version of Snape, there's no going back... long live Severus.

5. Diva Dumbledore

Genius. Absolutely genius. This sassy rendition of Dumbledore completes this entire musical. He rocks sandals, a gold chain, and worships a Zac Efron poster. He literally is everything that Dumbledore was not and somehow... it's magical. You will definitely a-dumbledore him.

6. This magical pair

This portrayal of Professor Quirrell and Lord Voldemort sheds new light on this odd couple. We get to see behind the scenes of when the turban comes off and the perfectly choreographed song and dance begins.This loving friendship grows stronger through clever puns and uncomfortable experiences... due to sharing the same body.


Arguably the greatest role in this entire musical, Draco Malfoy is fantastically portrayed as a wimpy and childish baby. The fact that he is also played by a petite girl makes this entire role that much better. His hatred for Potter and want for father's affection, is only topped by his dream to go to Pigfarts. A school similar to Hogwarts, but instead resides on the planet Mars and is led by Rumbleroar, a wizarding lion. Draco dances around the stage and straight into our hearts with this new image and fantastic hair cut. You will be cheering for this Draco Malfoy throughout the entire show.

8. The entire wizarding world

The entire cast creates a hilarious experience and leaves you with a greater love for everything Harry Potter. Complete with Ginny, Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory, Crabbe, Goyle, and of course... Neville. There are killer dance numbers, catchy songs, magical puns and a healthy amount of fantastic foreshadowing.


This brilliant masterpiece shows the true element of creativity within theatre. A stage, some costumes, a few college kids and a love to perform. The perfect set up for a genius creation and an hour or two of pure entertainment.

Here is the first clip of the musical!

Also... for all the die hard Harry Potter fans... there's also a sequel. Enjoy!

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