Decoding Valentine Day Dress Code For Anything You're Planning
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Decoding Valentine Day Dress Code For Anything You're Planning

Get awesome tips on clothing ideas on Valentine Day.

Decoding Valentine Day Dress Code For Anything You're Planning

Neither a birthday or anniversary nor silver or golden jubilee, it is that exciting month and loved day of the year. Yes, you guessed it right. Valentine’s week is here and the most awaited valentine's day is about to come soon.

It is the day that is exclusively celebrated by couples across the globe. No matter whether you are single, committed, or married, valentines day celebrates the love, affection & warmth that you share with your better half, friends. It is considered as the most happening occasion to express your feelings and affection for someone you love and care about.

Valentine’s week and the day are celebrated by couples, friends with full excitement and lots of enthusiasm. This specific loved day of the year is celebrated by gifting each other special gifts, cards, soft toys, and chocolates. Furthermore, people around the world look forward to spending quality time with their valentine and getting rid of the hustle and bustle of life for a day.

Generally, Valentine's week and day call for celebration. And where the celebration is involved, the significance of shopping, which color to choose and what dress to wear can’t be ignored. You might have already decided where to go and what to eat on this special day with your loved one. But have you ever thought of a dress code that will make you steal the show on valentines day?

Whether you made a special romantic candlelight dinner plan or planning a staycation or simply wish to chill at home, it is essential to be aware of the latest valentines day dress code or color code. Apart from fancy outfits and stylish dresses, couples are found to have a craze for special V-Day dress color codes. Whatever color you choose for your design clothes reflects your affection, feelings, and the message you wish to convey to your loved ones on that special day. Furthermore, this special day dress & color code reflects your feelings and indicates the mood & lifestyle of the people as well.

Every color has its own significance & meaning. Moreover, each and every color evokes emotions and beliefs people have for V-day. Color of the dress you wear on valentine's day marks sometimes. It can be affection for someone, love, liking, approval, and so on.

Fortunately being extra choosy about the dress color code you wish to wear on V-Day doesn’t break your wallet or your bank. You can chic up your overall appearance and impress your valentine without hitting your pocket. All you need to do is to understand the significance of each and every color and choose one that invokes your emotions, beliefs & suits your mood.

We are here to decode the importance and meaning of some of the best shades of V-day dresses. Here, we have shortlisted some fascinating v-day color codes that will complement your look and make your valentine fall in love with you again and again. Let’s get started:

1.  Green Color – Symbol of Waiting Love

Nothing is more interesting and exciting than to wait in love or for love. In fact, it is one of the most romantic things that can happen to someone in love. The green color code on valentines day indicates the feeling of acceptance of a proposal on one fine day.

This romantic feeling with the thought of romantic happening can make your v-day more exciting and memorable as well. Choosing a green color code on valentines day is a smart move to make your loved one aware of your feelings, and your eagerness for the reply of your loved one.

2. Blue Color - Symbol of Inviting Love

V-day is round the corner, and you are still single? Are you looking for a soul mate with whom you can share everything, create beautiful memories, and spend the rest of your life happily? Without looking further, opt for a blue color code to make this loved day memorable with a special person. It is believed that specifically, the blue color invites love applicants. On your task of partner hunting, no other dress code is better than blue on valentines day. The blue color symbolizes you are single and still in search of a partner, and ready to accept a good proposal. You can design a custom t shirt catering to your choice-able design but in blue color to invite loved applicants and be ready to accept one.

3. Red Color – Symbol of Romance and Classiness

It is a known fact that the red color indicates love, romance. Moreover, it is a color that symbolizes classiness. When somebody thinks of love, talks of love, or is already in love, the color of the dress that automatically pops up in their mind is red.

The red color is a symbol of romance always indicates that you are already in love with someone special or fully committed to someone. Furthermore, this color of romance symbolization can give you a classy, elegant yet simple look on this special day of valentine's. Compliment your red color dress looks with a lipstick of nude shade with winged eyeliner that suits your skin tone. Highlighting your cheekbones can undoubtedly enhance your overall appearance.

4. Black Color – Symbol of Proposal Rejection

Although the black color is considered as the symbol of amusement, on valentines day this specific color indicates rejection of a proposal. Therefore, you can choose a black color code to tell people that you are not interested in him/her or are willing to reject their proposal.

On the other hand, a black dress can add charm and elegance to your looks. Wearing black color code on valentines day can make you look classy and gorgeous as well.

5. White Color – Symbol of Elegance & Being Already Booked

There is no doubt in saying that white dress shows elegance and peace. No other dress color is better than white to add charm to your overall appearance. Furthermore, a white dress on valentines day conveys the message that you are already committed and not ready or willing to accept any new proposal.

The white color code on valentines day portrays that you are happily in love with someone close to your heart. Also, this particular color code makes you look simply elegant and complement your looks on valentines day.

6. Orange Color – Symbol of Proposal

Valentine's day is always special. If you want to make this loved day more special and memorable, opt for a special v-day dress of orange color. This vibrant color signifies your love for someone special. Orange color code on valentines day conveys the message of your ongoing proposal for someone you like, love, and wish to spend the rest of your life with.

7. Pink Color – Symbol of Acceptance of Proposal

It is a known fact that the pink color signifies cuteness, attractiveness in full form. On valentines day the popular pink color indicates the fact that the proposal offered has been accepted by you. Pink is also considered the most popular color on normal and valentines day as well. If you are willing to design a customized dress or tee through a reliable online t-shirt maker, no other color code is better than pink to grab others' attention on v-day.


Boys and girls around the globe willing to celebrate v-day with their loved ones or in search of their valentine must be aware of the latest valentines day dress code. Hopefully, this article will help you get a clear idea of the color of the dress to wear to compliment your looks and convey your love, feelings, and affection for the person you love.

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