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    Hey there! Thanks for checking out the blog of another sister just trying to survive. I know this world can get crazy, and it seems like everyone but you has it figured out. Well let me give you my first piece of advice: Forget that. Cuz they don't. They're more like you than you think. This site is for the girls trying to figure it out. This site is for the girls just trying to make it through. Through the day, through the year, through college, to the next paycheck, you name it. And I am gonna stop right here and lay down my second piece of advice: we don't have to just make it through. That's right, I said we, cause I'm with you girl. There are just those days. But special things come out of those days, even when you can't see it. We are making something of us every day we live and breathe. We are not on this planet just to consume oxygen and give carbon dioxide to the trees. We have a purpose, passion, zeal, and it's all for something, it's all going somewhere. All our gifts, talents and experience are like puzzle pieces of our own life, and now we are starting to build the picture. This blog is for the girl who is trying to find her. That "goal" version of you. That version of you that popped into your head when you read that. The one that's fit and a Gym-shark buyer. The one dating the boy you got on your mind. The one with the resume approving job, wearing the business casual wardrobe designed by Pinterest itself. You are becoming. While you're becoming, you have to live your life and get an education, have a job and put some makeup on every once in a while. You have to cultivate some sort of social life and form some good habits. This is how you become. This is how you become her. Not the her you wish you were. The her you were created to be. The her years down the line you will be. The her you are working on becoming. That girl, is you, and you are now, and this blog, is for you, now.

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