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    I have always wanted to write for a publication such as The Odyssey; something that I find really special about The Odyssey in particular is that it celebrates the evolving opinions and viewpoints that students will have as they progress through their college years. I love getting my ideas out into the world, and I feel that The Odyssey could serve as a welcoming and nurturing place for my ideas to grow and be set out for others to read. Through my writings, I hope to enable others to consider the world from different viewpoints. My goal is not necessarily to change people's opinions on hot-button issues such as abortion rights or political candidates; but rather, to serve as an objective writer respectfully voicing my ideas. Someone reading my articles might not have a revelation and suddenly become pro-choice or a Democrat; but hopefully, my writings will allow people of all viewpoints - both those differing from and identical to mine - to see the world from multiple angles. I want to open people's minds, to enlighten them to various points of view. I hope to engage people in pondering various topics from different angles, and I hope to incite conversation amongst readers about current social issues. I am currently double-majoring in Politics and English, and I may end up triple-majoring by adding in Philosophy. I also hope to minor in Spanish. I'm definitely a thinker, and writing is my preferred method of getting my thoughts out. I've loved reading and writing since I was very young, and although my dream job has changed (for the longest time I wanted to be a writer; just this past year I realized I want to run political campaigns and eventually run for Congress), my passion for writing remains. In high school, I graduated summa cum laude (with a GPA greater than 100) in the top 5% of my graduating class, and one of my biggest goals in college is to continue excelling academically by being on the Dean's List every semester and graduating Phi Beta Kappa. I have many varied interests, and I am very much one with a Type A personality; I both enjoy and thrive on a packed schedule! Even though I enjoy staying busy, I'm always sure to make time for leisure reading the classics as well as watching classic movies, The West Wing, and Jeopardy. My favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Orwell, Judith Guest, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Michael Ondaatje, and my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. I am passionate about and dedicated to everything I put my mind to, and it would be an honor to dedicate my passion for writing to The Odyssey.

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