I Use The Law Of Attraction And You Should Too
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I Use The Law Of Attraction And You Should Too

The Law of Attraction can help you get EVERYTHING.

I Use The Law Of Attraction And You Should Too

I know you're probably sitting behind your phone screen thinking "uh, now what is this other article Anjika has published?" as you continue to scroll up (or to the right if you're seeing my Insta story.)

But guess what?

I'm here to tell you something super important.

Something that will change your life (for better or worse)

Three words: Law of Attraction.

And this is how it can change your life……

I clearly remember this one phase of my life ( I think it was in 9th grade or 10th grade) where I used to be this super negative person. I was unhappy not only with myself but also with the world around me. I literally hated everyone and everything!

I would criticize everything not realizing that speaking out all of that bad stuff, wasn't helping me get rid of negative thoughts. In fact, it was just making it worse. It was as if I was portraying all my negative feelings into the universe, instead of quietly letting it out like a silent fart. ( you didn't see that coming, did you? )

I could feel like everything was a downward spiral.

I could feel things going wrong- my grades, my friendships, my health and the worst of all (not really) my skin!

Do you know what was actually happening, though?

I was being a pessimist.

My life was actually pretty good, I was just focusing everything that was a minor issue. This was starting to become a habit. It made 100x more stressed, anxious and reduced self-confidence. I could even sense that it repelled people a little.

I had everyone around me telling me "be positive" like okay? Why? is that going to change things? Is life going to become beautiful from tomorrow? Will I start getting 100% in all my exams?

NO?! So then why should I be positive?

It was at this moment when I learned about the Law of Attraction. The Magic Spell.

When I first heard about it I was like "Damn, this is like those flop weight loss ads again"

But it wasn't.

It felt like a Universal solution to all my problems ever

"I hope I ace my exam. What do I do, Universe"

Universe: Repeat the positive phrases numerous times, as if they had already taken place. Convince your brain that a favorable outcome has already taken place. Don't live in denial, just convince yourself and your mind that only good can happen. You don't have to say it your mirror ( I mean, you can) but that's just awkward. So, write it down, make a journal. LET YOUR BRAIN KNOW THAT ONLY GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

"What if I mess up my interview tomorrow?"

Universe: Just imagine. Manifest. Play out that situation in your head exactly how you want it to happen (preferably before going to bed). Visualize your desired outcome.

You know how they always say, "self-control is the greatest power"? Well, I'm telling you today the Law of Attraction is the stepping stone to self- control; to control your mind and your thoughts.

I know it's hard to just trust the Universe but if you try to use the Law of Attraction to manifest even the smallest things, that's how you begin to trust everything this Law.

To some, or actually, most I sound like a complete idiot but trust me, once you start applying this Law, once you start thinking positive, that is exactly what you will attract in your life.

P.S: It is worth a shot. If you're reading this and need a sign to start, this is IT.

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