Lately the anti-vaccination movement has gained momentum and has created controversy. One of the biggest stereotypes I have seen in regards to this movement is that those that use essential oils are antivaxers. Now do not get me wrong, I have seen people who center their lives around essential oils and are against vaccinating themselves or their children. However, it somewhat frustrates me that the stereotype is now created that users of essential oils are antivaxers.

I just started using essential oils this past October and I really do enjoy using them, but I'm not the person who is going to sell them to others or replace everything in my life with them. I look at essential oils as a healthier alternative to certain things such as using harsh cleaning supplies or burning candles that leave soot on your ceiling, but I'm not about to rely on them for my entire health. I will still take medicine when I'm sick and I have never been into supplements or thought I should take them.

In discussion with fellow peers that use essential oils I got their insight on the correlation (or lack thereof) of essential oils and antivaxers. They, too, believe that essential oils do help better our health, but we should not rely on them as a primary way of healing. There are certain situations that may delay the administration of vaccinations such as if a baby is born prematurely, but at some point a child will have to get vaccinated. Sometimes if a parent is registering this child for public school they'll require the child have certain vaccines. Even when coming to college, our health center required us to submit proof of having certain vaccines.

So please, just because I choose to use essential oils, do not assume I'm an antivaxer.