"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." — Mother Teresa

People often wonder if they can live a normal life with anxiety. Dealing with stress isn't easy. Living with thoughts of "what if's" spinning around in your head, and the constant feeling that something isn't right can be miserable. About 40 million Americans live with some anxiety in their lives. While those numbers may appear to be irrationally high, anxiety symptoms are profoundly treatable, and moderate anxiety can enhance your experience when you consider it positively and know how to harness it for good in your life.

Although some types of stress offer some positive benefits, most people experience stress that comes from fear of failing, losing someone they care about, or of being doomed.

1. Anxiety an expression of how much you care

Anxiety helps bring our focus and energy to protect the things that matter most to us. We worry because we care, not because we are crazy. Anxiety can't occur without caring about something or someone. Considering anxiety an impression of our top priorities can empower us to hold onto it as a resource. If you label anxiety as terrifying and miserable, it will feel scary and miserable. Whereas if you label it as positively as you can like 'ready to focus' or 'excited,' you will likely experience it more positively.

2. How you think about anxiety controls how it affects you

Many studies have found that how you feel about stress defines the impact it has on your life. In fact, the more you consider it to be a positive asset, the more positive it will be, and vice versa. Also, people with a healthy relationship with anxiety will in general view stress and worry as an ordinary piece of life and seem to rebound from stressful times more easily than those who worry about their worries. Not only it is beneficial to keep a positive attitude about anxiety, but it can also help keep anxiety's impact healthy.

3. Anxiety can be good for your brain

One may think anxiety as energy waiting to be utilized. Intriguingly, stress hormones can promote ideal performance, and likewise help an individual learn from experiences so that s/he can do it repeatedly, with progressively less effort. Furthermore, intense episodes of stress can help support neural development and memory. Stress and anxiety can provide the energy and focus we need to try our best using its fuel can enable us to extend for our best.

* * *

Dealing with anxiety isn't easy, and it can be difficult to feel normal when you struggle with it. In addition to the fact that anxiety is both a common feeling and an ordinary piece of life, yet it can likewise be a fantastic asset to channel our best exertion. Thinking about it this way allows it to be. If you want anxiety to be a healthier part of your life, altering how you feel about it is a crucial fundamental step that can empower you to secure its energy and motivation toward your distinguished goals.