13 Unpopular K-pop Opinions You May Need To Sit Down For
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13 Unpopular K-pop Opinions You May Need To Sit Down For

BTS is Trash... Now.

13 Unpopular K-pop Opinions You May Need To Sit Down For

Being a part of the K-pop fandom, not everyone has the same opinions or tastes in groups or Aesthetics. A lot of his even have different opinions on certain positions and events that happened in k-pop culture itself.

For instance, my roommate likes boy groups and dark concepts. While I on the other hand like fun girl groups, upbeat poppy tempos, and cute concepts. We even have our preferred companies; she likes SM and I like JYP, but we both like some YG Artists and have crossovers in some Indie companies like PLEDIS.

Just as in everyday life, people have opinions some more problematic than others, but they are entitled to that opinion. I personally have very stark opinions than the majority of other K-pop fans, as well as my roomie who has some opinions that I agree with 1000% but others that I'm like, "oh, okay... that's new but a very valid point."

It's the same with me: Some of my opinions she agrees with, some others she doesn't. It's just a case of preferences. In any case, these are some on my personal unpopular K-pop opinions.

What are your unpopular K-pop opinions? Comment below!

1. Big Bang and G-Dragon are trash... sorry not sorry.


I'm sorry, but I never got on those trains and I don't intend to, they are just not my style of music.

2. SM Entertainment is problematic AF 


In the industry, SM Entertainment is infamous for its treatment of their Idols. It treats Red Velvet to such a harsh degree, and SM enforces a lot of strict external beauty rules on its female Idols.

3. I like cutesy concepts


A lot of people hate cute k-pop aesthetics, but I love them! Twice is my all-time bias group and there's a reason—they are cute AF!

4. I no longer like G-friend


When I first started listening to K-pop, G'friend was one of my favorite groups. With fun songs like "Glass Bead," "Navillera," and "FingerTip," I was on that train like cheese on a cracker. But lately, their style is very muted and seem to only revolve around their slow ballad stuff, where'd my fun but soft girls go?

5. If you only like one K-pop group, you are NOT a k-pop fan.


Okay, this one is what bugs me a lot. With the rise of BTS becoming Internationally known, people are quick to declare their love of k-pop, but they've only heard BTS and like only BTS. I'm very sorry, but it's like saying you love music but only watch "American Idol" or "The Voice."

6. Red Velvet is fading, and I'm scared.


As of late, Red Velvet's repertoire is changing and I'm not sure how to feel about it they're doing more of their "Velvet" stuff than their crazy "Red" tracks. When Bad Boy came out, I personally wasn't a fan, and recently with their new release of the song "Really Bad Boy(very creative SM)," I honestly could not make it through the entire music video. The song didn't grab me like most of their discography usually does... Joy, you good hun?

7. K-pop reactions videos are pretty fun.

A lot of people in the K-pop Community think K-pop reaction videos are completely and utterly dumb and break copyright infringement regulations. While yes, some of these videos do break copyright infringement, others edit their videos in a way where they don't fully rip off the artists they care about. My personal favorites are Cody and Wyatt, who are part of Once Royalty and are funny AF! Check them out!

8. Twice & BlackPink run trends for girl groups.


In the K-pop sphere, there are two huge groups that are running and setting trends for current girl groups, which are my girls BlackPink and Twice. I love and adore BlackPink and Twice with all of my heart, and it's not surprising that I can see that Blackpink is setting trends for girl groups to embrace the "girl crush" concept... and with Twice for groups to embrace the "Cute" concept.

9. BTS, is trash... now.


OK OK army, don't get mad at me! I'm just not preferably a fan of their most recent stuff. I love Blood, Sweat and Tears, DOPE, and Not Today... But, their new stuff? I don't know about it; it's not on my bop lists.

10. PRISTIN'S presence in the kpop sphere is non-existent.


Hey PLEDIS! Where ya girls at? You just going to kick Kyla out because she doesn't fit your mold and then pull a YG? M'kay! Cool...

Okay so, where is Pristin? What are they doing? What are they up to? Hopefully, I think they're just gearing up for a new album that's going to bop all of our wigs off, but I think that the structure of Pristin has completely crumbled and they're trying to piece it together where it makes sense now.

Two of their members were really young when they debuted.

Kyla was 15 and Seong-yeon was (I believe) 16 or 17? With Kyla being absent from the group now and other members nowhere to be seen, I feel like PLEDIS was picking up the pieces when they released "Like a V" with only a Sub-group of the members in which we were supposed to get another subgroup released with the other members who weren't present in "Like a V."

That never happened and it's been practically radio silence since then.

11. Momoland is a one-hit wonder.

BOOM-BOOM and BAM are the same song... I rest my case, but they are still pretty lit, to be fair.

12. Sunmi and Hylon are better than HunyA

OK, so I casually listen to Solo Idols and think Hunya is overrated. Some of her songs are really fun and good, but I feel like Sunmi and Hylon fill the gaps and round out when she's not able to, Sorry, not sorry.

13. Produce 101 is Sexist

Now elimination Idol shows are a whole other demon to deal with entirely, but Produce 101 or Produce [whatever number] is kinda problematic and sexist. I.O.I the all-girl group was given a one-year contract while in season two, WANNA ONE, the all-boy group got to have a two-year contract.

Hmmm, something's not right here, imma let you judge that on your own time.

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