No Matter What Path You Choose To Take, Life After High School Is Totally Unexpected

No Matter What Path You Choose To Take, Life After High School Is Totally Unexpected

Its a wonderful yet crazy world out there, so enjoy it.


We never expected what was to come for us after we graduated. For most of us, we go to college. For others, they take a year off or they just don't go. In all honesty, we don't think of the kinds of people that we will meet, the organizations/clubs we will join, or what frats have the best parties.

After experiencing all of that, life after high school is amazing. There are so many opportunities out there — more than you can actually imagine.

The people you meet are amazing. You meet people who are just like you, and you are surrounded by people who are also the complete opposite. It's very exciting to be around people you didn't grow up with, especially if you come from a small town and you knew everyone in your high school.

Even if you don't go to college, it's a different world. You start working full time and you become really good friends with your co-workers.

High school is something we are all comfortable with because it has usually been the same people you grew up with. College is completely different. It's people you never knew. It's people you never thought you would ever meet. Even finding love in college is a complete mystery. You never know who and when you'll meet that person, and that's the best part I think.

So for all of you seniors who are just about to graduate. Please keep an open mind. Want to join a Sorority? Go to recruitment. Want to join that Choir Group? Go audition. I promise you, college will change you. It will change you for the better and it'll introduce you to the people who will change your life. Maybe they are even there to save you. You never know.

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