The Ultimate Freshman's Guide To Drexel
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The Ultimate Freshman's Guide To Drexel

Get Ready, Get Set, Finals!

The Ultimate Freshman's Guide To Drexel
Drexel University

Drexel is a fast-paced school so you better get ready cause this is no marathon. There is a lot you should know and some vocabulary you should learn. Here is a quick guide to make sure your freshman year, specifically first term, goes smoothly. Let’s jump in because here syllabus week is a myth.

1.The Drexel Shaft

The Drexel shaft is what Dragons say when our great school, pardon me, screws us over. For example, being pressured to sign a lease for an apartment two months in is the Drexel Shaft. Most of the time, it refers to the ridiculous professors and general school happenings.

2. The Hans

The Hans is cool a few times a week, but don't go there for every meal. If you decide not to take my advice, make sure you bring a magazine to the bathroom or have a good gag reflex. The food isn't that bad, but unless you are a guy who can eat anything, the food won’t agree with you in an hour. Dessert there is pretty good.

3. Urban Eatery

Food is better than The Hans, but most times the wait is either an hour or the staff hates you. Don't try to ask for the panini at Sola because they never have it. Pasta at Vespa is rarely ever completely cooked. The salad bar ladies are very nice! Ignite burgers are pretty good, but if it gets windy in the kitchen be prepared to go hungry.

4. Night on the Row

During your welcome week, you’ll encounter night on the row. Take advantage even of you don't want to go greek! I can't even begin tot tell you what I learned about the frats and I got so many cups. Those cups have seen some nights! If those don't spark your fancy, there is no shortage of free food. Forget dinner and fuel up on cotton candy, popcorn, and lots of chocolate.

5. Main Building

Don’t let the beauty of main building fool you. It is a maze. Be sure to leave earlier than planned for your class. If you have a class in Curtis or Randell you may get lost the first week, but you'll be a pro soon. Dress for the specific classroom. If I recall correctly not all the rooms are air conditioned or overheat in the winter.

6. One Drexel Plaza

If you have class on the garden level…good luck. I will be venturing there for my first time this fall. So like main, leave early! Sorry, I don't have more, all I know is that it gets confusing and you can't see daylight.

7. Food!

There are quite a few pizza places around campus that will cater to your drunk needs. PWS is a favorite of Drexel students, but Savas is great too! Insomnia Cookies is a great little truck, but they may never have the flavor you want. Food trucks are a must try! Happy Sunshine is a breakfast favorite on campus! My personal favorites are the Cheese E. Wagon and the white smoothie/fruit van! Even venture off campus for some really good food!

8. The DAC

No matter when you go to the gym it is always filled with gym bros. It’s rare you see a girl on the third floor in the weight area. Besides the dude fest the DAC is, it is a great place to let off steam! They have a lot of great classes and even a rock wall. Drexel also offers many services, like personal training or nutritionists. The campus activities board (CAB) does a lot of fun event there too!

9. Spring Garden

A street you will never want to pass alone or very late at night. Nothing good happens past spring garden. Make sure if you venture out there you have a large group of friends, some pepper spray, and a charged cell phone. I am not saying bad people live down there, but from personal experience, it’s not somewhere to go alone.


If you plan on spending your sophomore year in Drexel affiliated housing, TAKE YOUR TIME. I cannot stress that enough. The school will bombard you with "sign now!" emails. They like to pressure you to get your roommates and rush to get the perfect apartment. Take your time to do the research. Look at the amenities, the rent, the lease. The most important thing is to look at the floor plan! In Ucross you may get stuck in a bedroom with no windows. They will tell you there are few places left, but that's not true! There is also many people who are going to want to sublet! Only sign that lease when you are ready, Worse comes to worse you are in a dorm again... it's not that bad and only for another year. Then you are free to do what you want.

11. Procrastination is not key

A term is 10 weeks, now that seems like a lot, but it goes quick. Keep on top of your assignments and study! Finals and midterms will kill you if you are not prepared! If you learn one thing here at Drexel it is time management. If you feel swamped don't use your between class time to fool around. Find a good spot and do that work. Getting ahead will also be a blessing!

12. Erin Express

Besides Halloweekend, Erin Express is a big even for Drexel students and Philly residents. The two weekends before St. Paddy’s day the city emerges in their greenest outfits and bar crawls. Even if you aren't 21 and don't have a fake, you can find somewhere to go and fun is guaranteed.

13. Parties

There are usually parties every weekend at Drexel. Most are frat parties so sorry boys! If you decide to avoid the frat route there is usually something at one of the many green lights. Most often than not girls get in for free and guys pay $5. Don't forget Upenn is just a few blocks away! Girls, finding a party is easy, but make those connections if you want to go out. Guys, if you aren't rushing then make friends with guys who are, or make friends with upperclassmen that have houses!

14. Take Advantage of Philly

This year, I have been to so many concerts and explored a ton of cool places! Philly is never boring! Reading Terminal Market, South Street, and Center City are just a few places you can go! There are lots of museums, historical landmarks, parks, and events to go to! Pay attention to you Facebook events and Philly news! You’ll never be bored if you don't want to be! Plus Septa is so easy to use!

15. Fun and Friends

My ultimate guide point is to make friends and have fun! There is always something to do in Philly, whether it be a concert, museum, festival, party, or just roaming the city shopping! Drexel is a pretty friendly place so it won't be hard to make friends! I have faith in you freshies!

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