Boys.... this one is for you. I am 19 years old and have encountered a plethora of each type of guy during my life on earth thus far, and as you can imagine, some types are far worse to be around than others. If you are a male and want to be my friend, you absolutely have to be the laid back kind. I do not associate with douche bags, boys that live their lives to flex and impress others, and the ones on the track to developing a serious alcohol problem because blacking at a party is the highlight of their week. The one type of guy who sets me over the edge in the worst way possible is one of arrogance. Absolutely repulsive. Confidence, love it, do that. Arrogance, hate it, do not do that. Enjoy my list of 8 types of guys, and if the shoe fits, I guess that's the way it has to be.

1. The laid back guy everyone likes

This guy is the most enjoyable to be around. He isn't a bother to anyone and his presence is just pleasant. Be this guy.

2. The quiet guy who minds his own business but knows everyone elses'

This guy is one to be weary of. He may never speak a word to you but secretly wants to ruin your life. A snitch to put it simply. Be careful what you say around this one because you never know when he will spill some information about you to the wrong person.

3. The social media guy

We all know that one guy who is on Twitter and Snapchat 24/7. He eats breathes sleeps all things pop culture and social media. He may stir the pot and cause drama on occasion, but for the most part, he's just here to show everyone what's going on in his super special ~awesome~ life that's actually pretty average in reality.

4. The guy who gasses all his friends up

This is the kind of guy who focuses so much of his time and energy on other people he forgets about himself. It's as if he has no desire to work on himself and live his own life, so he overcompensates and hypes the sh*t out of his boys instead.

5. The guy whose life is in complete shambles but acts like everything's cool 24/7

This guy is super relatable sometimes, but there comes a point when you have to fix yourself and your life and you can't keep allowing everything to crumble around you. But in the meantime, go ahead and throw around the "it is what it is, I act like I don't care at all but secretly I kind of do I'm just too lazy to fix any of my problems."

6. The straight up goon who keeps everyone laughing and lightens the mood in any situation

This guy ROCKS! If you have one of these in your friend group, consider yourself lucky. Always lit, always laughing, always saying ridiculous things. My DUDE!

7. The guy whose only goal in life is to impress girls

This type of guy is the worst of them all. He acts like he pulls tons of girls, but really the only girls that want him have zero brain cells. Intelligent females know who you are, and we choose to stay extra far away from you. Unloyal, dishonest, fake smooth. Just all around a no go.

8. The guy that says he's from ATL and actually IS from the city of Atlanta

"I'm from Atlanta" can mean a lot of different things. 99% of the people who claim to be from the city of Atlanta actually live in suburbs 45 minutes from the city. You do not ACTUALLY live in Atlanta, sir. But for the 1% who are actually from the city when asked where you live... you're the realest and I appreciate you.