8 Types Of Gym Goers We've All Seen, And Judged, While We Were Getting Our Sweat On
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8 Types Of Gym Goers We've All Seen, And Judged, While We Were Getting Our Sweat On

And yes, you are one of them.

8 Types Of Gym Goers We've All Seen, And Judged, While We Were Getting Our Sweat On

As I write this, it pains me to even imagine stepping foot in the gym tomorrow because I know that once I arrive and see someone I know, I have to stay long enough to be sweaty and exhausted when I pass them on the way out. I just wish we both had the guts to look at each other and say “I know that you know that I don’t want to be here; let’s go get pizza.” So, are you like me and are dreading every second being on a treadmill? Or are you a gym rat? Here are 8 types of gym goers with whom you may identify.

1. Treadmill Try-Hards

Cool, you can run for 45 minutes straight at a 6-minute mile. Meanwhile, I just tripped on the belt and decided I had enough so I’m going back to my room.

2. The Lifting Bros

I’m just waiting for the day I look over at the same 10 people who lift weights in the corner of the gym every single day and they’re lifting one another.

3. The Lulu Ladies

These ladies travel in groups. All wearing a full set of Lululemon (all-black usually) and after fifteen minutes and 13 calories burned on the stationary bike, they reward themselves to a group dinner of sushi.

4. The REAL Rats

These individuals are intimidating and you cannot workout anywhere near them. They cycle through multiple types of gym equipment and wear very revealing shirts so that you are forced to notice their chiseled and slim bodies. The Real Rats are also noticeable when you’re eating out because their plate is mostly greens and what better to drink than water? Then I look at my plate and there’s usually a form of fried food and some form of potatoes.

5. The Naturals

These are the worst. They show up to the gym maybe once a week, if that—usually because a friend asked them to come. Also in amazing shape, and can work out minimally and still outrun and out-crunch me.

6. The Walkers

Why do you all even come to the gym? Every time I look up, you’re either talking to the front desk attendee, or you’re at the water fountain. Not once have I ever seen a bead of sweat on your head. Usually, you’re on the elliptical for max, 10 minutes.

7. The Bingers

Sure, they’ll come for three or four days in a row and burn 2000 calories every day. Then you won’t see them for weeks to come because they’ve been “busy.”

8. Elderly Athletes

And last but DEFINITELY not least, this group is for those 80-year-olds you see running three miles as a warm up before they go jump rope.

And it takes all kinds to make going to the gym enjoyable for me. So if you fit in one of these categories, keep coming to the gym. Whether for 5 minutes or 5 hours, seeing each of you walk through the doors as my body screams at me, makes working out just a little more worth it.

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