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I have no idea what this is going to be. I just know I have to write something. This may include things about my favorite TV shows or upcoming Finals Week. I'm not entirely sure yet. Perhaps it'll be a little of all of these things. If I am to discuss my TV shows it'll be speculation of what is to come. If it's related to school and Finals Week it'll be really brief honestly.

Just because it's on my mind I will talk about my shows. I just finished watching the newest episode of Doctor Who and it was unexpected. I was not prepared for the trip of feelings. It was so good! The guest star was amazing and the whole story was fantastic. I won't give away details as that would spoil the episode, but I will talk about the end. Who or what is in the vault?! I want to know in the worst way. It's possible it may be the Master played by John Simm, but it also might not be. What the audience does know though is that there is SOMEONE in the vault. There was piano playing at the end of the episode and the Doctor brought food. But if it isn't the John Simm Master, then who is it???

I have another theory that it could be another regeneration clone of the Doctor. My evidence is from a bit of dialogue from the episode. There was a touchy subject that was straight-up avoided and I want to know why. I just have a lot of questions. One of which is, where did my seemingly random love of David Suchet come from?? He was the guest star in the new episode and he was so brilliantly creepy. I loved it. If you don't know, Suchet is famous for his role as Poirot, another detective. I have yet to really get into his series as the detective, but from what I have seen it's pretty legit. My favorite episode, and this is totally biased, is the episode "Wasps' Nest". The guest star in that episode was the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. And it happened to be what I call a "Birthday Episode". Basically any episode of television that premiered on your birthday is a "Birthday Episode". It doesn't matter if the year was before your birth either. It's still your birthday technically...or rather your birth date. Might have to change the title. But yeah...David Suchet, man. He's just so cool. I can't even begin to explain it.

On the note of TV speculation too I will mention Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency aka DGHDA. It's been a while since I've talked about it. Reason being that I do not want people to think that the show is all I think about (kinda is though), and it's on hiatus. Not for long though. It should be back in October. Filming starts up again on Monday as told by Executive Producer and Show Creator/Runner Max Landis on his Instagram. So I'm very excited there. Landis has also posted other videos recently. My favorite has been the cast reunion for the script read-through. It's very much in the same vein as his Snapchat video of the cast. You can find it on YouTube by the way. Max's YouTube is Uptomyknees if you're interested. Anyways, he's posted a few videos related to filming and it's looking so EXCITING!! New locations and characters!

A lot of the fandom speculates that the new season will be a roadtrip. All the characters will be reunited and will be on this great roadtrip to escape the CIA. If you want to know the details check out DGHDA Season 1. It's coming to Hulu soon, in a month according to Landis, and is available for Netflix streaming everywhere but the US. I don't kow why that is. However if you search enough you can find it online somewhere. Or you can buy it on Amazon video (I think that's what that is) or on DVD. It's a really great show that combines the mystery of Sherlock, the insanity of Doctor Who, and the gore of The Walking Dead. It's all tied up too with a neat Douglas Adams-esque bow. It's really quite beautiful. Highly recommend: 12/10.

Anyways, thoughts on the show. I'm hoping for everyone to be safe and for one character to be TOTALLY FINE after what happened in the finale. I don't think there will be as much angst as it's painted to have, but then again I can be totally wrong and the new season will take me on a trip of pain. It'll be fun though. Just please, for the love of Cthulhu, LEAVE THE PSYCHIC DWEEB ALONE!!! I just want everyone to be okay. Give me that and I'll be happy. New characters will be introduced and that could mean more Blackwing subjects. That would be awesome. There's over 30 if I remember correctly, so there's a lot to explore. Also, Dirk's not-psychic-but-is-totally-psychicness...will that be addressed like in the comics? They were confirmed to be canon if in a roundabout way. Also would highly recommend those as well. The Salmon of Doubt issue series is connected to the TV show and it's brilliant. In the comics Dirk can see pararibulitis attacks (see DGHDA), and so far he has yet to see a bad attack in the show. He did see one sort of in episode 1, but not really. Not that I wish pararibulitis attacks on the two who suffer from the disease (slight spoiler there, my bad), but it would be nice to see how Dirk reacts. Literally though the possibilities for season 2 are endless. Just check Landis's twitter, honestly.

But Finals Week. Yeah, that's still a thing. Starting Monday it will be Finals Week here at UC Merced. My last undergraduate Finals Week. Luckily I only have one final exam so that's great! Following that week though is graduation and oh my gawd I am going to graduate from college. The beginning of new adventure...quite seriously. I can't really think about it too much otherwise I will be crippled by my anxiousness related to it. So yeah, that's all I have to say about that.

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