How To Turn Any #Basic Girl's Halloween Costume Into A Unique One
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How To Turn Any #Basic Girl's Halloween Costume Into A Unique One

Halloween is a time to be unique, not the same.

How To Turn Any #Basic Girl's Halloween Costume Into A Unique One
Christina Silies

1. Any Sexy Animal

I like to call this one "I want to wear something that will make men scared to have daughters." Don't get me wrong, if you haven't been an animal for Halloween and noticed that more people liked your Instagram pic the next day, you haven't fully lived.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Toss the bunny/cat ears. No worries, though, you can keep your crop top and spandex.

Step 2: Go to Michael's. Get whatever colored paper you would like, green spray paint, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Step 3: Cut your paper into little triangles and glue them to where your spine would be.

Step 4: Messily eat a lot of Doritos.

Boom! In just four, easy steps you're a fire-breathing dragon.

2. Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets

This was a "clever" costume in like 2010. Don't get me wrong, I do love Taco Bell more than I love most people, but if I could be anything from the menu, I would probably be a #7.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Take off the message and the white square.

Step 2: Paint your dress in two other white colors to make it look camouflaged.

Step 3: Once dry, paint the words "Four Loko" on it, like in the design below.

You're Halloween's favorite drink... a Four Loko.

*This costume can easily be changed into a couples costume. Just have your boyfriend dress in all black. You can be a Four Loko and a blackout.*

3. Firefighter

This one hasn't been as common in recent years. However, we still see it. Luckily, this one is an easy fix.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Toss the fire hat.

Step 2: Eat a whole pack of Oreos to gain a little weight.

Step 3: Glue sirens to your head.

Wee-whoo! Wee-whoo! You're a firetruck!

*This can work with a police officer costume as well.*

4. Frat Boys/TFM

This one never fails to always show up. Girls will wear an over-sized, button-up with a backward hat and converse. This one isn't necessarily screaming "I want attention," but it does show that you don't care enough about Halloween to make a real costume which means I hate you. Seriously, go eat some candy corn and carve some pumpkins.

How to turn this costume into a unique one.

Step 1: Get an an over-sized T-shirt instead.

Step 2: Make your hair as messy as you possibly can.

Step 3: Sleep in your makeup before you go out.

Step 4: Don't wear converse, just be barefoot.

You're a walk of shame.

5. Devil and Angel

This one is supposed to be funny, because devils and angels are supposed to hate each other. Usually, the girls dressed up are normally best friends. This costume literally screams "basic." You might as well get a pumpkin spice latte tattooed on your forehead.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Get fake butt implants (or real ones if you're into that).

Step 2: Cake both of your faces in makeup. Make sure your brows are on fleek.

Step 3: Wear clothes that you would go out in that is very, very tight.

You're Khloe Kardashian and Blacc Chyna.

6. Victoria's Secret Angel

So cute, yet so boring. You can do better, girl.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Get black wings instead.

Step 2: YouTube how to do "Eagle makeup"...then do it.

Step 3: Go buy a stuffed animal dog, or steal one from your little sister.

Step 4: Wear yellow shoes.

Step 5: Glue the dog to your shoes.

Step 6: Buy a beak.

You're everyone's worst eagle picking up your dog.

7. Harley Quinn

Again, here is another one that I had no idea what it actually was. I guess it can be considered unique, but is it? This one is an easy change.

How to turn your costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Dye streaks of your hair pink, instead of all different colors. Leave out a lot of blonde.

Step 2: Same makeup and keep wearing a punk outfit.

Wow! You're Avril Lavinge! Just kidding, you're Melissa Vandella because Avril is dead.

8. The Three Blind Mice

If you do this one, you're basically an animal wearing sunglasses. Cool. Well, Regina George, we are about to make you unique.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Go to Goodwill. Buy a yellow shirt, an orange shirt, a red and white striped shirt, a green jacket that flashers typically wear, and a beanie hat.

Step 2: Wear baggy jeans.

Step 3: Short person, you get to wear the yellow shirt. Average person, you get to wear the orange shirt and the beanie. Tall person, you get the striped shirt and green jacket.

Step 4: Shave your head.

Just like that you're Ed, Edd, and Eddy

9. Foam Finger Miley Cyrus

Miley is over this phase, you should be too.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Get one of the following jerseys: Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Cubs, Green Bay Packers, Kentucky, or Duke.

Step 2: Keep the foam finger.

Hopefully, after a night out of wearing this, you will know how to feels to be a bandwagoner.

10. A Hunter and His Deer

Nothing screams "my boyfriend hunts and I wanted to dress up as something that he will actually dress up for and not complain" more than this costume. Don't worry, honey, your boyfriend will like this one better.

How to turn this costume into a unique one:

Step 1: Keep the deer outfit.

Step 2: Pour fake blood on your deer outfit.

Step 3: Lose the hunting attire. Just have your boyfriend wear regular clothes.

Step 4: When you get to the party, lay on his car like you're dead.

You're roadkill. Haha. Don't get up, though. Play your part.

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