Great tunes to start the day off amazing.
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9 Great Tunes To Start The Day Off Amazing

Waking up early can be a drag, but with the right tunes you can start your day off right!

9 Great Tunes To Start The Day Off Amazing

In college, sometimes you are forced to take an 8:00 am class. I don't know about you, but waking to a cold morning is a sure fire way to put me in a bad mood. If you are a night owl like me, a good playlist and a cup of coffee could make all the difference. so in this article, I will list songs that I promise will help you through those morning blues.

 "Sweet Life" by Frank Ocean

This song is a little more gentle. This song will help you wake up softly, but still gives you energy to kill the day!

"Drew Barrymore" by Bryce Vine

This catchy song makes you want to play it on repeat. It also gives you some motivation to walk to those far away classes.

"Nine in the Afternoon" by Panic! at the disco

Panic at the Disco is good any time of the day, but this song is perfect for the morning! It is both calming and energizing which is the perfect combination for waking up.

 "Ride" by twenty one pilots

Who doesn't love this song? It gives you the inspiration to take hold of the ride that is life! Exactly what you need for those 8 am classes.

"Better Not" by Louis The Child

This song has a great beat! the Steele drum really wakes you up in a soothing way. Perfect for your morning commute.

"Week" by 7715

This semi slow song still holds a catchy tune that will carry you through even the sleepiest of mornings!

"Pumpin Blood" by NONONO

This song definitely gets your blood pumping! After you listen to this song you will definitely be awake and ready to take on your day!

"Steal You Away" by Gold Spectacles

This song makes you feel like you can take on anything! With its romantic and upbeat tune, you will want to put it on loop for sure!

 "Downtown" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

This song always puts a smile on my face. It's upbeat and something that makes you want to dance! So go ahead and let this song make you dance your way into your day.

I hope these songs help you enjoy your morning a little bit more! so go ahead, grab that hot cup of coffee and completely slay your day! you can do it, and I believe these songs will inspire you to get through any day. good luck!

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