"Just give it some time", "But my (insert family member) loved it there", "Give it a chance, you'll come to love it", "Why would you want to start all over again?", "You aren't even trying to like it". These are just a few of the things that I've heard in the past few months since I decided that I wanted to transfer. When I first announced I was transferring I either heard a variation of some of the phrases above, got confusing looks, or received a disapproving stare from people who were fans of the school. Friends I had made here started to resent me because I was leaving.

At first, these things made me feel pretty upset and wonder if I was truly making the right decision in transferring. Everyone was giving me reasons to stay and saying that I truly wasn't giving this place a chance. Friends were abandoning me and leaving me. I had no idea whether to listen to my heart or to those around me. I started apologizing to people for wanting to transfer, but then I realized something:

I don't have to apologize for chasing after my happiness.

Ever since I got to my current college, I've never truly been happy. There have been moments of happiness here and there, but overall I've been miserable. Every second I'm away from this place is a good day for me. I knew since day one that this university was not my home. So to those of you who say I didn't give it a chance or that I wasn't trying to like it, I did. In fact, I gave it till winter break to get better and it never did. No, I do not have to like it just because someone in your family liked it or even if you liked it. Life is all about moving forward and facing challenges. I don't shy away from the fact that I'll have to start over again. In fact, I embrace it and welcome it as a challenge. So to anyone else who wants to transfer, this I give to you.

It is 100% OK to transfer schools. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

You don't have to apologize for transferring. You don't even have to give people a reason for you wanting to transfer. You live your life for yourself and no one else. It's not their business as to why you're doing what you want with your happiness. Your four years of college should be an enjoyable experience, not a miserable one. You should walk on campus and feel like you're finally home. But if the school you're at right now is not home, that's fine. You'll find your home one day. In addition, if you have a friend who wants to transfer, support them. Don't shut them out and distance yourself from them just because they're leaving soon. Cherish the time you have left and make the most of it. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that transferring schools happens for a reason.

It shows us that we deserve to always search for our happiness.