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Truth in Advertising

A lesson from Mike Rowe and Charlotte the Girl Scout

Truth in Advertising
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It's Girl Scout Cookie time!!!

Yep, it is that time of year where every Girl Scout or parent of a Girl Scout are hitting up their friends and family to order cookies. Young girls are taught to make goals and how to create strategies to achieve those goals. In a month or so you won't be able to go into a grocery store without having to come face-to-face with a uniform-clad cookie pusher looking to make up for any pre-order shortages.

In the middle of all the political mess that has taken over social media, there is one story about a particularly precocious scout that will make you smile and order some cookies.

Meet Charlotte, an 11-year-old Girl Scout whose father just happens to help former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe produce his podcast.

Charlotte’s father sent Mr. Rowe an email he found from his daughter to a wealthy friend of his. Mr. Rowe was so impressed he decided to share the letter online.

In her letter, Charlotte criticizes scouts for not being totally truthful about their cookies and she proceeds to rate all the cookies stating the need for truth in advertising.

As Rowe reads the letter, I am not sure what makes me smile more: the letter from the 11-Going-on-40-year-old Girl Scout with a goal to sell 300 boxes or the giggles from the former television host.

Rowe kept his audience updated on Charlotte's progress. A very excited Charlotte appeared in the update and expressed her appreciation to all who ordered.

The story of Charlotte has been picked up by several news outlets.

Thanks to Rowe, this young lady who is a scout of a small, five-member troop is now an internet celebrity. For continual updates on Charlotte’s progress, you can go to Mike Rowe's Facebook page to order cookies and have some donated to service men and women overseas. Also visit Charlotte’s web page for more information.

I bought 2 boxes and donated them to our service men and women. I couldn't say no to such a creative and well thought out pitch.

Rowe read a comment from a service man that expressed his appreciation for the cookie donations. He commented that it is not just a gift of cookies, it is the fact that people back home are thinking about them.

In a time where social media is not very social or very fun, Charlotte and Mike brought social media a reason to smile. Thanks Mike and Charlotte, I hope you are the top seller in the nation.

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