Trump’s Wall Will Fail, But Can Be 100% Effective If Changed
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Trump’s Wall Could Be 100 Percent Effective If He’d Only Stretch It In All Directions

In its current proposed state, the proposed wall on the U.S. and Mexico border will fail, but with just a few simple changes, the wall can be as much as 100 percent effective.

Trump’s Wall Could Be 100 Percent Effective If He’d Only Stretch It In All Directions

A proposed wall on the U.S. and Mexico border is set to be the next attempt to solve to the illegal immigration issues the U.S. has been facing. However, the project will fail if it does not attempt to tackle the other sources of illegal immigrants. Do not fret, some simple modifications to the current plan for the wall will suffice.

First, the wall must extend to both U.S. coasts and along Canadian border. By adding this extra fortification, boats will not be able to arrive into the United States under the government's radar. Sacrificing our beaches to build a wall is simply a small price to pay in return for ending illegal immigration. Nor can Canadians cross through to the U.S. freely; they take enough of our precious maple syrup anyway. But even this widening of the wall cannot prevent all illegal immigration.

The wall must also be built very high, extending into space if possible. This way, the 40 percent or more of illegal immigrants arriving by planes and overstaying their visas will have no opportunity to perform such an act.

In order to ensure no spaceships intending to smuggle aliens over the wall and into the U.S. cross the border, Trump and the U.S. government can create a special regulatory space force, namely the Trump Space Force. To help fund and establish such as space force, Trump can recruit our lord and savior Elon Musk and his SpaceX program.

But even yet, another final modification needs to be made to absolutely ensure nobody can ever enter the U.S. in an illegal manner: extension of the border walls hundreds of feet into the ground. Many are unaware that some illegal immigrants coming from Mexico arrive via underground tunneling systems to avoid border security. With the underground extension of the wall, these tunneling systems can be cut off and disable the only way left to enter the U.S. illegally. Like the above-ground extension, a regulatory committee, perhaps named the Land Navy, can be established underground in order to seek and destroy any attempts to drill through the wall and enter the United States.

A new Fox News poll found that 100 percent of Americans support these modifications, an unsurprising result considering the effectiveness of said modifications at keeping out illegal immigrants. Knowing that America is the greatest country in the world and has some of the worlds' most innovative and intelligent minds, one can clearly see where the astonishing idea of a wall came from and why the American people quickly took to support it. Hopefully, these proposed modifications will become reality soon.

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