Trump's Attack On Hunter Biden's Addiction Is A New Low
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Hey, Trump, Degrading Joe Biden's Son For Struggling With Addiction Is Low — Even For You

The entire debate was a lot. But this, this was the worst.

Hey, Trump, Degrading Joe Biden's Son For Struggling With Addiction Is Low — Even For You

Tuesday's debate had a lot of talking points. (And by that I mean a lot of interruptions... 76 to be exact by none other than Donald Trump.)

The worst part, though, was when Trump decided to mock Joe Biden's son, Hunter, for his struggles with addiction.


Considering Trump lost his own brother to addiction, you think he would somehow be more sensitive to this issue. He walked through it first hand, so you would think that for two seconds he could put down the insults and the need to win through hostile words to commend Hunter Biden on the fact that he is in recovery and taking steps to change his life.

This didn't need to be a political move, Mr. President. But, unfortunately, you made it one.

You made a joke of the fact that every day in the United States, 128 people die from an overdose. That doesn't sit well for someone like me who lost a family member due to this same issue.

In this way, Donald Trump and I are actually alike. We have both lost a family member due to addiction, but the way we have reacted as a result is completely different.

I would never dream of saying anything negative about someone who has fought against this nasty disease and tackled it head-on. Trump, however, just seemed to forget last night that his own brother was Hunter Biden. Not literally, of course, but figuratively, with his struggles, he was Hunter Biden.

It has been almost seven years since I lost my uncle to addiction, and it is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with when it comes to loss. Mocking those who did find their way to the other side of recovery is low and cruel, and quite frankly, it reveals their true character.

No vote is worth mocking someone's struggle.

No vote is worth attacking someone's family.

No vote is worth dehumanizing someone else.

No vote is worth this.

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