A Tribute to Robin Williams
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A Tribute to Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams, 63, committed suicide Aug. 11 after battling with severe depression and other related issues. 

In order to honor him and his elite legacy, let's first take a look at what other celebrities had to say about his tragic death.

Due to his eccentric personality and ability to make people laugh, a lot of people in the celebrity world admired him greatly, friends or not.  This is what these people had to say about his death.

Ellen Degeneres

Steve Carell

Steve Martin

Kanye West

Ben Affleck

As you can see, a diverse group of people mourned for this guy.  He must have been doing something right.  It is clear that he should and will be remembered for his rather life than his death.

Growing up, I personally have watched an uncountable amount of Robin Williams movies and shows.  This is how it went for me: if Robin Williams was in it, I enjoyed it.  These are my personal 5 favorite movies/appearances by Robin Williams.

(Honorable Mention: Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning, Vietnam, Teddy Roosevelt in Night At The Museum, Allan Parish in Jumanji, LoveLace in Happy Feet, Bob Munro in RV) 

5.  Genie in Alladin

In this classic Disney animated film, Williams plays a genie who comes out from a magic lamp and helps out Aladdin on his journey by granting him 3 wishes and giving some comical yet serious advice.  He serves as the comic relief (not surprising) and is credited with improvising many of the lines that would become memorable ones. This is one of the most well known disney characters, thanks in large part to the great job by Williams in the role.

4. Merritt Rook in Law and Order: SVU

This is a sleeper pick on my top 5 list.  It is a pretty unknown role and one Williams went outside his comfort zone to do.  He plays a dark and serious Merritt Rook, a genius engineer who always seems to be one step ahead of Detectives Bensen and Stabler as they investigate him.  His character is one who despises authority figures because of a previous life event (watch the episode to find out why! It's on netflix. Called "Authority").  As a die hard SVU fan, this episode is one I will never forget.

This is the best clip I could find.  Enjoy!

3.  Professer Philip Brainard in Flubber

In this film, Williams plays a semi-whacky scientist who is trying to create new energy but accidentally discovers a green goo like bouncy material that has extreme properties and a mind of its own.  Dubbed "Flubber" Williams as Professor Brainard tests Flubber on many different materials, including a basketball, his own car, and many more.  This role epitomizes Williams and what his specialty is.  Take a look.

2.  Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire

In this movie, Williams plays an unemployed yet talented voice actor and a devoted dad who focuses everything on his three children.  After his wife becomes fed up with his irresponsibleness and immaturity, she files for divorce and retains full custody of their three kids.  Hillard can not accept this ruling, so he disguises as a women and becomes the nanny of his three children without them knowing (at first) by using his voice acting skills.  This movie really shows how talented Williams is, and is considered by many their favorite movie of all time.  Watch Robin as Mrs. Doubtfire.

1.  Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting

This is my personal favorite movie....OF ALL TIME.  This is the kind of movie that changes your life.  Williams plays a genius, washed up psychologist working at a community college.  An old colleague from school approaches him about a Einstein-esque boy (Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon) who has an extremely dark past, but has the potential to change the world with his super human-like skill set of knowledge in mathematics and memorization.  Williams is the last resort psychologist who helps Will find his way.  It is an amazing story and a must watch.

Robin Williams, you will be missed.  These 5, along with many other roles, have changed and touched many people lives.  His death is a lesson to many people out there battling with depression.  Many people think, "how can such a funny guy like Robin Williams be battling with such a severe case of depression?".  Get some help. 

The world has a message to you, Robin:

It's not your fault.

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