Trendy And Destressing Hobbies For Busy College Students
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Trendy And Destressing Hobbies For Busy College Students

Take up some fun and trendy hobbies that allow you to surface your inner child!

Trendy And Destressing Hobbies For Busy College Students

If you want to find different ways to unwind other than the usual trips to the gym, or occasional shopping sprees, then there are definitely a number of creative hobbies you can take up in the comfort of your own bedroom. These hobbies are creative, playful, and stress-relieving. Plus, they don't involve much movement! ;)

1. Bullet Journaling

This is a fun way to practice organization and keep track of all your dates and deadlines. It's pretty much just like any other day-planner, only all the pages are based on a bullet-grid system. You create each page in its own unique way. Create lists of ideas, things to do, things to buy. Make lists of how much money you spend that week. Draw silly sketches on some of the pages, or make some of the pages your own personal diary entries. There are no rules!

2. Hand-lettering

Invest in some nice markers at Michael's, and a nice sketchbook that doesn't let markers bleed through the pages, and you can dive into this fun hobby that involves a trendy and easy form of writing that is very similar to calligraphy. Look up some Pinterest pictures of alphabets and quotes that have been hand-lettered, and practice on your sketchbook! This is a fun hobby that allows you to practice in your own home.

3. Start a Blog

Whether it's a fashion or make-up blog on Instagram, or a more personal page of prose and musings on Blogger, starting a blog can be a great way to share your interests with the world! It allows you to practice using your own voice while you communicate your thoughts and ideas. If you are someone who has specific interests in something trendy, or you enjoy writing in a journal, then starting a blog could be a great hobby for you. See where it goes!

4. Coloring Books

Take a trip to your local Target or Michael's, and stock up on some fun coloring books for adults! You can get mantra books, or different themed books. This activity can be very grounding, as it forces you to focus on the task at hand. It's meditative and restorative, especially for the mind if you are dealing with a lot of overbearing thoughts and anxiety.


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