Going To College Out Of State Was The Best Decision I ever Made

Going To College Out Of State Was The Best Decision I ever Made

10/10 would recommend


When starting the college process, I was a little hesitant about what I wanted at first. For starters, the idea of starting over is quite terrifying. Having to adjust to new surroundings, people, and create a new routine seems like too much work to do when you've spent the majority of your life in the same place with the same people.

However, going out of state for college is an experience unlike any other. It allows you to get completely out of your comfort zone. You're in a brand new area surrounded by things that are unfamiliar. Being in an environment that is so foreign allows you to become more independent than you would be if closer to home. You aren't as tempted to rely on your parents or pay a visit to your house because it is so much harder to do.

Your automatically forced to be outgoing, which allows you to meet new people quicker and form friendships. Homesickness is inevitable, but completely avoidable if you choose to keep yourself busy and adventure around your new city. You now have the opportunity to be immersed in a new culture. Explore the streets, restaurants, and campus. Learn the different slang or pick up some new terms to try on your friends and family when you finally go home. Being so far away from home makes going home so much more special. It's a rarity, so it is something to always look forward to.

You will value you the limited time you have with your friends and family and learn the importance of living in the moment. It will allow you to make the most of the time that you have and who you want to remain in contact with. You learn how to be on your own schedule and what you want to make time for or don't. Your parents aren't there to tell you what to do, so self-discipline is definitely learned. It's no secret that in-state colleges are going to be more affordable, but the number of scholarship opportunities is endless.

So, I urge you to get outside of your comfort zone. Even if it's just applying, touring, or going for a semester; going out of state could change your life for the better. It will be daunting at first, but it will be worth it in the end.

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An Open Pat On The Back To Full-Time Students Who Also Work

You really deserve an award, but this article will have to do.

It's pretty freaking hard.

“I can work nights and weekends, I'm a student," you told the manager during your interview.

So, what does he do? He schedules you most nights and weekends. This is OK. This is, after all, what you asked for. So you start working.

Class, class, work. Class, work. Class, no work tonight, you sleep and it feels like the first time in years. Class, homework, homework, homework. Class, class, work.

Before you know it, it's the weekend. There's a party. Your friend wants to see you. Your mom is calling you to see how you are.

But you are working all weekend.

You call your mom on your half hour break. She tells you are doing too much. She tells you that you should work less. Ask for less hours. Sleep more. Eat more. You will get sick.

You get out of work Friday night around 11 p.m. There is still so much night left!! You try to hit up that party. Sure, you will show up a little late, but at least you will make an appearance. At least you will get to see some of your friends. At least you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself. At least you will be able to have some fun. By the time you get ready and get there, people begin leaving. You begin to wonder why you came out in the first place.

“I'm sorry, I've been at work" becomes an all-too-familiar phrase.

But, but, but.

You really deserve a pat on the back, so here it is.

You've given up a lot. And you work crazy hard. Those long nights and hours are hard. A lot of kids your age don't work and rely solely on your parents. But you, you have taken it upon yourself to earn some money for yourself. You are a full-time student, and most of your free time goes toward working and supporting yourself.

You truly do not get the appreciation that you deserve.

But when you do get some time to go out, when you request a weekend off, you have some money to spend. You are never the guy who can't go out because they don't have enough money.

And of course, you will start saving. This is huge. You're going to graduate in debt (probably), and because you busted your butt during school and saved up, putting a crack in that debt will be a little easier for you.

You are a forward thinker, whether you realize it or not.

You are building responsibility, money management, and self-reliance skills, whether you realize it or not.

You are quite mature for your age, whether you realize it or not.

AND YOU deserve a pat on the back. So here it is.

You're incredible. You're amazing. Go get 'em.

Seriously, take a second to congratulate yourself for all your hard work.

And whatever you do, get some sleep, kid. And remember, don't work yourself too hard. Just hard enough so that you feel good, and rewarded, and happy.

You're the man. Keep killin' it, dude. Keep killin' it.

Cover Image Credit: Peter Bernik/123rf Stock Photo

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4 Ways To Deal College Burnout Like A Boss

Being in college kind of means you're always going to have a busy schedule.


As a college student who goes to school full time and also has two part-time jobs that amount to having a full-time job, life can get tough real fast. It's easy to want to do your absolute best at everything, like exams, deadlines, projects, you name it. When you do your best at everything all the time, there will come a point where you crash and feel exhausted. You'll feel that you cannot do anything, and that, my friends, is called burnout.

Burnout is a term that hasn't been used much until recently. According to Urban Dictionary, it's "a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress and frustration." Unfortunately, I have been dealing with burnout in the past couple of days. It happens to me about once a semester. Here are some tips on how I manage to overcome burnout.

1. Don't wait until the last minute to do anything

I am very guilty of procrastinating and it has always ended badly for me because it makes me more stressed. Try to plan everything ahead and write out what is due and when its due. You can do this by having a physical planner or by using iCal, Google Calendar, or Google Tasks. These things have helped me in the process of keeping up with my tasks and schedules.

2. Try a social media cleanse

We are all consumed with social media. It's the reason why we compare ourselves to others and try to do the absolute best. I know I do this all the time; I compare myself too much, which tires me out in the long run and brings down my self-esteem. By doing a social media cleanse, you will realize how much aimlessly scrolling just takes up the majority of your day, and instead, you can focus on all of your other tasks.

3. Get some exercise

It wasn't until this year that I started incorporating working out into my busy schedule. Honestly, it has helped me tremendously. I try to go about three times a week. It gives me the opportunity to get my mind off all of the tasks I have ahead. It works out my body and not my mind, which is needed. Another thing that is related to exercise that you can try is meditation. Meditation helps clear your mind as well and clears your anxiety and stress.

4. Take a break

I cannot stress this enough, with all of the above tips, this is the most important. Make time for yourself. Give yourself a weekend where you are not focused on school or work. Last week, I went on a mini road trip for the weekend with friends and it gave me the opportunity to take a step back to just breathe and enjoy life. I think of it as being a fresh start. When I don't have the time to take a weekend off, I take my dog on walks or something simple for myself. Even just relaxing and watching Netflix can help you restart fresh. Things like this are what can help you keep going.

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