5 Things I Use To Shoot & Edit My Travel Videos
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5 Things I Use to Shoot & Edit My Travel Videos

The Ultimate Guide to Shooting and Editing Travel Videos.

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My love affair with travel began at a very young age and while it was novels that introduced me to the idea, it is blogging and editing travel videos that helped me live the dream.

But none of those things came easy. From finding the right laptop, camera to even the editing software, there's been a lot of trial and error and learning that's involved. So in case you're aspiring to be one too, here's travel vlogger starter-kit you need.

MacBook Pro

This one's going to chew off a large chunk off your budget but is it worth it? Well, absolutely. That's because very few laptops can take the rigor of high-end video editing and the MacBook Pro is that beast. With 2TB of space, 16 GB RAM, i7 Processor, and AMD Radeon Pro Graphics Card, it's got everything you would want in a top-notch laptop.

But in case you can't afford the big bucks yet, I recently came across this buyer's guide on laptops for video editing at laptopverge.com where you can find some top budget laptops as well.

DSLR (Nikon D3300)

While a Go Pro is quite handy, it doesn't match the quality of a DSLR especially if you love getting clicked out on the beaches and hilltops. I chose the Nikon D3300 since it offers the best value for money. Its super lightweight and compact which makes moving about with it hanging around your neck or shoulders relatively comfortable.

Secondly, its got a 24.2-megapixel lens which practically guarantees you crystal clear images of those mesmerizing sunsets and beaches. If you're new to travel photography, check some tips here to kick-start the right way.


With a camera, you will also need to carry a set of lenses and a tripod. A tripod makes clicking your own pics or getting a time lapse a whole lot easier. I use the Photron Tripod Stedy 450 and it cost me a mere $15. While not the best, it's a great starter tripod and comes with all the basic features you would want in a tripod.

Its lightweight (weighs just around 1 Kg), comes with non-slip grip and foam that ensures your camera never slips and can also be easily adjusted for utmost comfort and easy clicks.

GoPro Hero 5

You cannot be recording your hikes, bungee jumps or even that skydive you always wanted to do with your big bulky DSLR now, right? Well, that's why a Go Pro is simply, indispensable.

They are compact and lightweight (small enough to fit into a backpack or even your pocket), come with multiple attachments that help shoot in numerous circumstances, work even underwater and to top all that, they shoot full HD videos.

Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere (Editing Software)

One of the most time-consuming things was learning how to edit videos. Since I had a MacBook Pro my preferred software was Final Cut Pro (FCP). If you're a windows user, then Adobe Premiere is the professionals choice as FCP isn't available for Windows Laptops.

Learning either FCP or Premiere should take you no more than 10-15 days. You can sign-up for an online course or just check out tutorials on YouTube or even sites like Larry Jordan that provide free tutorials.

Other Gadgets

Apart from that, a good microphone should be useful. Yes, the camera and GoPro do a great job of recording the audios but won't cut it during extreme winds or other background noises especially if you're going to be talking a lot.

A mobile tripod is another very useful gadget to carry. It's sleek, lightweight and if you have a phone with a good camera (well, who doesn't these days) you won't be always needing the DSLR.

To keep your GoPro from sinking in case of any trouble during your underwater adventures you can also carry with you a floatation device.

Well, that's my list of devices and if you're about to edit your first travel video, you this guide should help you out big time. In case you feel I am missing out on something or want to share the devices you use for your travel videos, do let me know. Till then, keep traveling!

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