After spending 2 months living in Tel Aviv, friends and family have started asking me for recommendations for their upcoming trips. So, here are my favorite places from my summer abroad.

1. Gordon Beach

If you're looking for the perfect beach pic, Gordon Beach has the famous old man statue as well as the oversized beach chairs. Does taking cute pictures make you hungry? Luckily for you, Gordon Beach is home to Lala Land and Calypso, two of my favorite Tel Aviv restaurants.

2. Benedict

Who doesn't love a good brunch? Benedict is the perfect place for a delicious start to the day.

3. Tamara

The absolute greatest frozen yogurt you will ever have. Ever. I mean look at all those toppings!

4. Room Service

Aside from amazing food, they have THE COOLEST drinks!

5. The Old Man And The Sea

Before you even get a chance to look at the menu, a perfect spread of salads, sauces, vegetables and more are placed in front of you. Who needs bread and butter when you have hummus, corn cauliflower and so much more?

6. Sarona Market

With hundreds of options of things to eat, Sarona Market is a definite must on your visit to Israel.

7. The Carmel Market (AKA The Shuk)

Did you really go to Israel if you didn't take a picture of the candy in the Shuk? Honestly though, its not overrated. It's incredible and unlike any candy in the United States.

Have a great time in the Holy Land!