To the man, I fell for,

I never saw you coming to never expected to meet someone a month after I started college at the University of Maine. I didn't want to meet someone, fate had different plans. We met at a party and I just wanted to act uninterested but truly I think that I might've been a little intrigued by you and how brave you are. You flirting with me as nobody else had before kind of caught me off guard and I really think I liked it, I mean we're together you're later so I would say that I liked it You mean the world to me and so does your family and I can't imagine losing any of it because it's my world now.

You brought me into a loving space where I could feel safe which is something I've long to feel ever since I was a teenager, something I have never really felt. Granted my high school relationship was tumultuous and I was really close with his family but it's nothing like what I have now. Now I have everything I could ask for, have a man who would wake up in the middle of the night to hold me while I'm crying, a man who tells me he loves me every chance you get, that's what this is all about.

2019 is going to be are you coming here to grow in our relationship and for me growing my relationship with God, and make new friendships turnover newly because the second half of 2018 was cruel to me. I really wish that I made different decisions but everything leads you where you need to feel like I need to be in a different place I never wanted to end.

There so many days I want to run home, home to a place that no longer exists, I place and a feeling I'm constantly homesick for. A lot of times you fill that void and I can't thank you enough for that. Even though I'm a morning person and your night owl life is so good we still fell in love. I don't know how you love a girl like me every day and how you help me fight my battles but thank you because my scars are finally beginning to heal, the wounds are starting to close and I never thought they would. Men have destroyed me in the past and that is what I expected from you, for you to break my heart but you haven't, in turn, my heart has grown twice its size seeing how kind you are to everyone, even complete strangers and I want to thank you for being everything I never knew I would have.