Top 5 Summer Drinks You Must Try
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Top 5 Summer Drinks You Must Try

It was like a crippling explosion in my mouth satisfying all my tastebuds at once

Top 5 Summer Drinks You Must Try

The Infinity Gauntlet of drinks this summer

1. Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry lemonade is a must at every pool party you go to this summer. The ice cold sensation filled with fruit will more than satisfy on a hot summer day. However, NOT ALL LEMONADES ARE MADE THE SAME. Which isn't a horrible thing, it's like getting a chance to taste 90 different version of the exact same concept which really never disappoints. Here a few places you need to try immediately to fulfill are your Lemonade needs.

1.Native Grill & Wings: The restaurant Native Grill & Wings has a very unique and flavorful take on the strawberry Lemonade. The craftsmanship is appealing as they make the drink look as tropical and yummy as possible. The lemonade alone is a reason to go but they also have other great things on the menu

2.Oreganos: The Italian masterpiece of great food also follows up with great drinks. Oreganos has a good looking tall glass of lemonade with your name on it. The quality is great and the presentation will make everyone else at your table very jealous

3. Chilis: Two words. GREAT LEMONADE

4: Charley's: Great looking lemonade, great tasting lemonade

5. Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade: BEST FOR LAST. The literal dream for any person who loves any type of lemonade, The presentation and taste is unmatched even take a look for yourself


Mimosas are a MUST. The perfect combo of a fruit citrus drink and being a little tipsy in the middle of the day. Great looking, even better tasting. Make sure to check out these places next time you're ready to treat yo' self.

1. Salut Kitchen Bar: Bottomless mimosas at brunch time to fill all your mimosa needs with a good amount of food on the side. The perfect 1-2 punch combo to start the day.

2.RnR: A different take on the same drink from heaven. On Sunday's go get spoiled on unlimited mimosas.

3.Times Square Neighborhood: Nice growing restaurant chain in Phoenix. I actually used to work here about three years ago. One thing I know for sure is the Sunday brunch bar is to die for.

4:U.S Egg: JUST GO. It's barely open but the perfect Mimosa joint. Thank me later\

5.Hash Kitchen Gainey Ranch: There is one in Scottsdale so yes it is very fancy. It also probably one of the best mimosas I have ever had. Many places don't have the perfect combination of citrus juice and champagne.... this is NOT one of those places.

3. Tea

What better way than to enjoy a perfectly crafted cup of Tea?

1.Tea Swirl: The name is the game, this place will take you for a spin after tasting one of their many perfectly tasting tea combinations

2.Revolutionary Tea: Can be found in Tempe, is just top notch tea. With the perfect amount of ice this can be a real game changer for your day.

3. Coffee Bean and Tea leaf: Has a very classic version of tea. Very natural and delicious, a definite must try.

4. Wendy's: Although not as fancy, Wendy's actually has a very great tea selection for the summer and you can easily use the drive thru and embark on your day with a perfectly yet quickly made cup of tea.

4. Coffee ... duh

Coffee is an everyday drink. But coffee can also complete that perfect summer beach vibe aesthetic at any given moment.

1. Dutch Bros: Everybody knows Dutch Bros is a must have coffee place. With many flavors and a very chill environment it is hard to turn down such excelance

2.Starbucks: Starbucks, however basic, has a very nice summer menu of things to order off the menu and since there is so many things you can try, your IG pics can be truly popping as well as your day

3.Coffee Bean: The coffee bean is a very underrated yet great coffee place. It has more of a natural and delightful taste which will instantly increase your mood.

4. Dunkin Donuts: The place may be named after their donuts but honestly it should be named after their coffee because it is beyond delicious. One of the best coffee places there is and it is quick. The people are always nice and the drinks take it even a step further.


A Pina Colada is the perfect thing on the menu in case you wanna enhance your day ... or your night. *Wink* *Wink* They are the BEST combination of tasting good AND feeling good! You must check out these places

1.Hulu's Modern Tiki: If you need a cool down or a turn up you need to visit asap. The atmosphere and Pina Coladas make you feel like you're on vacation at any time of the day.

2.Tommy Bahama: Can be found in Kierland Scottsdale and can be quite fancy. Not only do the Pina Coladas completely satisfy, THEY HAVE A PINA COLADA CAKE. This miracle is the best thing you've never tried. It was like a crippling explosion in my mouth satisfying all my tastebuds at once. MUST TRY.

3.Tacos & Tequila: One of the most chill yet extremely lit places a person could be at. All freshly made items that are perfectly made to blow your mind, literally.

4. Applebee's: Applebee's is always a slam dunk destination. The food is great, the happy hour even better, the Pina Coladas are unmatched. Catch a game and good vibes and your neighborhood Applebee's, will not disappoint.

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