Top 10 Food Recommendations When You Visit New Jersey
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A Jersey Girl's Top 10 Food Recommendations When You Visit New Jersey

As a Jersey Girl living in Arizona, these are my favorite foods I've been missing the most.

A Jersey Girl's Top 10 Food Recommendations When You Visit New Jersey

Here's a list of the best ten foods from New Jersey when — not IF — you visit the Garden State.

1. Bagels

New Jersey's No. 1 food, in my opinion, is the bagel. If you ever come to New Jersey, a local bagel shop should be your first stop. They have everything from plain to rainbow bagels, and basically any cream cheese you could possibly want. I personally stick with an egg bagel and cream cheese, and occasionally being basic, I get avocado and egg on a plain bagel.

Bagels aren't just for breakfast either. If you're feeling like a chicken cutlet sandwich, go for it on your bagel. I'm telling you, no state can beat Jersey bagels.

2. Pizza

Pizza is not just pizza. If you ask for a "large pie" anywhere else everyone would probably be confused. Just like a bagel, you can put anything on a pie. Pasta, salad, chicken, you name it, they got it. My favorite is definitely a penne vodka slice or a grandma slice. The nice big pieces and the right amount of grease makes for a perfect piece of pizza.

3. Wawa Hoagies

Obviously, if you're from New Jersey, you know exactly what Wawa is. Whether it's 1 p.m. or 1 a.m. this convenience store is at your service. After a night out or a big game, most people stop at Wawa to fulfill their sub craving. I have to mention that they also have an amazing bowl with chicken and mashed potatoes. It is seriously just a huge landmark in any New Jersey town.

4. Pork Roll

Some call it Taylor Ham, but we all know what the right name is: Pork Roll. For all you out-of-staters I am sorry you have never had the opportunity to try this delicious breakfast food. It isn't just "ham" or "turkey bacon." It is a breed of its own.

5. Corn on the Cob

The Garden State has some of the best vegetables in the country, so there's no wonder why corn would be on my list. During the summer, everyone is out at the farmer's market, picking up their fresh grown corn. The white and yellow corn is perfect for a dinner outside on your deck. The only hastle is shucking the corn before making it, but it is totally worth the work.

6. Sushi

In my hometown, there are about five sushi places within two miles of one another. It is the perfect little lunch to grab and take on the go. The raw fish is so fresh, so you never have to worry about getting sick. You can watch them making it right over the counter. My absolute favorite roll is spicy tuna, and getting it anywhere else besides New Jersey isn't the same.

7. Sea Bass

Living on the east coast comes with a lot of perks. We have some of the freshest fish in the country. A very popular fish to catch and eat is Sea Bass. I could eat fish for dinner every night, and when you're down the shore most of the menus are full of it. Even if you don't want to eat the fish, you can go fishing off a dock for fun.

8. Funnel Cake

If you are down at the Jersey shore you are going to be getting a lot of fried food. My parents' favorite thing to get at the boardwalk is a nice warm funnel cake. You can smell it from a mile away, and you won't get the scent out of your nose until you've completely finished your cake.

9. Fried Oreos

What's a funnel cake without its neighboring food. Fried Oreos are my favorite dessert from the boardwalk, next to cotton candy of course. With fresh powdered sugar on the top, the warm dough and oreo will melt in your mouth.

10. Kohr's Ice Cream

I know what you're thinking, every state has ice cream, but this type of ice cream is different. It is one of the best soft serve ice creams I have ever had. On a hot summer day or a warm summer night, a cold cone will definitely hit the spot.

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