The 13 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time
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The 13 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Christmas is the best time of year.

The 13 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

It's the best time of year with the Christmas holiday right around the corner. To be exact, we only have a few more days until Christmas is here! To get you in the Christmas spirit, why not have yourself a Christmas movie marathon? There are the classics from the 1960s to the early 2000s. So grab yourself some hot cocoa and pop onto the couch to have yourself a merry little Christmas movie marathon!

1. "Elf"

"Elf" made its debut in 2003 where it made an everlasting impression on everyone. I mean, everyone can relate to Buddy and his hilarious quotes such as "So, good news — I saw a dog today" or "I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed 11 cookies into the VCR."

2. "The Santa Claus"

Let's face it: Tim Allen as Santa is pure genius. His witty comments and dance moves as pictured above make every Christmas enthusiast proud. Who doesn't think it's cool that your dad is "the Santa Claus?"

3. "The Polar Express"

When it's Christmas Eve, what young child would surpass the chance to hitch a ride on a train to the North Pole? It is an adventure for the books.

4. "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"

A classic from 1970, this movie has been a tradition for many family and friends to watch every Christmas season. It is the heartwarming story of Kris Kringle becoming Santa Claus!

5. "Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas"

Walt Disney creates a movie featuring three tales of the Christmas season. The first part shows Donald Duck and Daisy Duck enjoying Christmas with their nephews (so heartwarming). The second tale is Goofy along with his son Junior where Goofy impersonates Santa Claus and teaches his son about what Christmas truly means. Lastly, Mickey and Minnie Mouse exchange gifts where both give up their prized possessions for the sake of love.

6. "Love Actually"

"Love Actually" is such a great holiday film that chronicles nine different stories and the emotions that connect each and every one of us to love. The British Prime Minister, David, falls in love with his secretary despite what his colleagues think of her. Sarah, a graphic designer, has a longing for Carl, her work colleague, but her ill brother prevents her from pursuing love. And then there is Harry, who is married, but is still tempted by the young, attractive new secretary.

7. "The Holiday"

"The Holiday" is just so relatable to those who are going through a breakup, especially a breakup that just occurs around the holidays. It's a romantic storyline in where two women switch houses to escape their horrible breakups and end up finding new love in Los Angeles and Great Britain.

8. "Just Friends"

Ryan Reynolds is pure gold in this romantic comedy centered on Christmas. He comes back home after leaving his small town to become a big time music producer. Jamie is the girl of his dreams and it is his ultimate goal to win her heart.

9. "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Jack Skellington from Halloweentown is the town's Pumpkin King who makes it his mission to kidnap Santa Claus from Christmastown and take over the role. Who doesn't want a scary skeleton to become the new Santa? A little creepy for young children, but it is a great Tim Burton film.

10. "Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas"

Five shorts featuring classic Disney characters from Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck competing in an ice skating competition, to Huey, Dewey and Louie traveling to the North Pole are just two shorts in the sequel to "Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas."

11. "Home Alone"

I'm pretty sure everyone as a kid thought it would be amazing to be left home alone when your entire family flies to New York City. You get to eat whatever you want, trash your older siblings bedrooms and jump and dance around with not a care in the world... Until two scary burglars break in.

12. "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

The Peanuts characters come together for the Christmas season. Charlie Brown has the blues and takes Lucy's advice to direct the Christmas play. The real meaning of Christmas plays out when Charlie finds his short, spindly Christmas tree.

13. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" is such a witty comedy. Jim Carey is hilarious as the Grinch. If you don't find at least one or two quotes from this movie hysterical than you have no heart, just like the Grinch. But yet, even the Grinch’s heart grows from the love of the Whos. Everyone’s heart will be warmed from the tale of the Whos.

Yay! Christmas is right around the corner! Collect your friends and family and have a much needed Christmas movie marathon. What Christmas movie is top on your list? Comment below!

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