Top 6 Smith College Dining Halls
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Top 6 Smith College Dining Halls

Smithies reveal where they like eating most.

Top 6 Smith College Dining Halls

We are lucky at Smith College to have many dining halls to choose from. Naturally, each Smithie has their own preference of dining halls and there's always at least one they tend to go to most of the time. I interviewed a few Smithies and here are a few of their top favorites:

1. Lamont

Lamont came out on top! So many Smithies adore Lamont, particularly because of its architecture. Its windows are a winner, providing students with beautiful views of the campus while they eat lunch.

2. Northrop/Gillett

Northrop and Gillett, located on Elm Street, are known for their vegan and vegetarian food. Smithies like the decor, coziness and special plates they use to serve the food. The school's large vegan/vegetarian population finds what they need here.

3. Comstock/Wilder

Comstock and Wilder are the Asian-themed dining halls. Though located in the Quad and a long trek from many houses on-campus, Smithies come in large crowds for Noodle Bowl Night, Stir Fry Night and Vietnamese Pho. (An ex-worker says they have the best chocolate chip cookies).

4. Cutter/Ziskind

Everyone has mixed reviews from Cutter/Ziskind. Some like its modern, contemporary look, while others liken it to a jail's cafeteria. Either way, it's almost always packed during lunch and dinner. It's also the only place on-campus where you can eat Halal and Kosher food.

5. Hubbard

The old home of Julia Child is a crowd-pleaser. Known on-campus as the place to get "healthy options," Hubbard is the place to be if you care about your health and eating good food. It's also considered the place with the best desserts for those of us who have a sweet tooth.

6. Chapin

Chapin Grab-and-Go is extremely popular at lunch, as we are very busy college students who need to eat lunch on-the-go. An ex-worker tells us that they also have the best brownies. When they do serve dinner, it would be best to sit by the windows overlooking Chapin Lawn for the perfect dining experience.

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